What's In Your Pipe: Gill Polard

Name: Gill Polard

Website: The Her(B) Life

Creator/Chief content Creator

Gill Polard is not only the Director of Communications for a Canadian LP applicant but is also the Founder and Editor of The Her(b) Life. (Bout’ time we highlight this babe!!)

So Gill, What’s in your pipe?

Wake + Bake:

I don't smoke a lot in the morning during the week because I have never been a fan of talking on the phone while high and my job requires that I communicate with my team regularly. When I am smoking in the morning though I'll go for a Sativa like Zelly's Gift from Budderweeds. The lemony scent is so yummy!

Midday Sesh:

Blueberry. I've grown Blueberry for years and it is nostalgic and comforting to me. There’s something really cool and rewarding about growing your own cannabis. Every year I plant a few little blueberry clones in my garden and I absolutely love watching them grow and grow. I'm really into using vape pens now, especially if I feel a migraine coming on and my favourite pen at the moment is from Optimum Extracts because it's a button-less auto draw and has no additives! I also liked the Feather pen which I think is only available in Colorado.

Midnight Toker:

My all-time favourite strain is Headband and since I smoke more in the evening to help me relax, unwind and get to sleep this strain is perfect!