One Hitter

A one hitter is a small smoking device typically used for consuming cannabis. It is designed to hold a small amount of dried herb, allowing for a quick and discreet smoking experience. One hitters are often shaped like a tube or bat, and they can be made of various materials such as glass, metal, or...


Ocimene is a terpene commonly found in cannabis plants. It is responsible for the distinct aroma and flavor profiles of certain strains. With its sweet, herbaceous, and floral scent, ocimene adds a refreshing and uplifting element to the overall cannabis experience. Beyond its aromatic properties, o...


The term "OG" in the cannabis industry refers to "Ocean Grown" or "Original Gangster." It is commonly used to describe a particular type of cannabis strain that is believed to have originated in Southern California. OG strains are known for their potent effects and dist...

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