High There; The Dating App For Weed Lovers

Dating in 2018 means having so many more options at the tip of your fingers than generations before us who were limited by their immediate social circles and communities. With apps like Tinder and Bumble being so wide spread you have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world who are interested in just about anything you might be interested in. While scrolling and swiping on a dating app can be fraught with potential disaster and disappointment it's weirdly addictive and thrilling to see who you match with, but what if you're a pothead who just wants to find her next smoking buddy? If you just can't see yourself spending time with a non-smoker or worse, a prohibitionist how do you weed out the people who would harsh your buzz? Enter High There, the Cannabis Social Network. Try swiping right on a picture of some beautiful buds and see where it takes you this time. 

High There is the app for stoners - though it's not billed specifically for romance it certainly takes the guesswork out of connecting with like-minded potential partners. You know that whomever you do connect with won't be judgy about your cannabis use and you'll successfully avoid having to ask those awkward "So... Do you smoke?" questions.

When you first download the app and set up your account you'll be asked a series of questions about yourself and your cannabis use like How often do you smoke? How do you like to consume? You'll also be asked about other interests and activities - because well, there's more to life than just smoking weed all day right? Lastly the app asks about your end game, what do you want out of this experience? 

Don't stress too much over these answers, you can change them anytime you like which is nice if you find you're not matching with enough potential session partners. Unfortunately the app does not allow for you to pick age ranges so I found I was swiping left on a ton of people based only on their ages since the app has lots users in the 18 to 25 age range (not what I'm personally looking for but if thats your ideal age range you'll love it!) 

High There doesn't require you to have a Facebook profile so it doesn't pull info from there which means that you can be truly anonymous and upload any picture you want - I saw lots and lots of beautiful buds in place of faces and while I like weed porn as much as the next girl it's hard to get stoked on a guy you can't actually see. Having said that, if you live in a prohibition state or country this is probably a good thing. 

High There! is a social network that promotes uniting cannabis users and enthusiasts with each other in a friendly and judgment-free environment. Recognized by many as a leading social network in the cannabis industry.
— High There Website

Ultimately I didn't meet anyone who rolled my joint so to speak but I did have some fun weed growing related conversations and I discovered that there are a lot of young people into meeting other people who smoke weed. 

It's a nice alternative to the more mainstream apps available and who knows, maybe you'll meet your next favourite person there. Download th app on the App Store and Google Play.