What are Hash Holes?

Hash holes are a new type of pre-rolled joint that packs a strong punch. These aren't just any pre-rolls; they have a core of live rosin surrounded by ground cannabis. This design boosts both the potency and flavor of the joint. In making hash holes, you start with a stick of live rosin. This is placed at the center of some finely ground flower. Then, the mix is rolled into a joint. The rosin core means every hit is more intense and tasty than what you'd get from standard joints.

These pre-rolls are great for folks who want stronger effects and richer flavors in their smoking experience. They combine high-quality cannabis with convenience, giving users an exceptional product that's easy to enjoy.

Hash holes bring something special to the table for anyone looking to step up their cannabis game with something more powerful and enjoyable.

Who should try a Hash Hole?

They are recommended for cannabis connoisseurs and those with high tolerances, looking for a celebratory and flavorful smoking experience. Kind of the folks that like dabs but also flower.

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