THCA snowballs are a new cannabis product. They look like small, white crystal covered sugar dipped nugs. These crystals are packed with THCA isolate (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid), the raw form of THC in fresh plants. When you heat THCA, it turns into THC (the stuff that gets you high). This change, called decarboxylation, happens when you smoke or vape weed. THCA itself doesn’t make you high but may have health perks like reducing swelling and protecting nerves.

Making THCA snowballs means isolating the compound from the plant then rolling some flower in the THCA isolate. The result is a pure concentrate with high potency. Both medical users and recreational users might find this purity appealing. You can make THCA snowballs by sprinkling them on your flower before smoking or adding them to your dab rig if you prefer concentrates. Since they’re very potent, start with a small amount to gauge their effect. I first saw these at a cannabis expo last year. The booth was crowded with people eager to try them out. Their clean, strong effects made quite an impression. Since then, they've become a go-to for those wanting pure potency in their weed products.

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