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The Herb Lifestyle is at the intersection of cannabis cultivation and industry insights, dedicated to providing the latest news, tips and advice. Our team of industry veterans, writers and editors are passionate about the industry and strive to provide accurate and informative content to our readers. Join us on our journey to explore the world of cannabis and discover all it has to offer.




Isabella, a Southern California native with a rich Mexican heritage, stands at the intersection of culture and cannabis on the editorial stage of


Rob Foster


Rob Foster’s 20-year odyssey in the cannabis industry is a story of ambition, dedication, and grass-roots success. A distinguished graduate of the University of California, Rob’s career trajectory is a testament to his comprehensive grasp of the cannabis realm. 

Aaron-Wang cannabis author

Andrew Peters

Extraction Expert

Andrew has already carved a niche for himself in the cannabis community, thanks to his deep-rooted passion and substantial experience with the herb. His journey began in his late teens, immersing himself in the world of cannabis, not just as a consumer but as an enthusiastic learner, eager to explore.

Erick Khan californian cannabis smoker youtuber and grower

Erick Khan

Chief Grower

Erick Khan’s enthusiasm for the cannabis culture extends beyond mere advocacy and education; he is also deeply passionate about exploring the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis products and strains.

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