An "egg blinker" is a new trending cannabis vaping technique that is blowing up over the internet among weed smokers aiming to intensify their experience and just see whether they can do it or not. The method involves a series of steps designed to push the boundaries of typical vaping. The idea is first, you inhale from a cannabis vape for 5 seconds and then take a quick break. Next, you hit the vape for another 4 seconds, followed by another quick break. After that, you take another 4-second hit and then take a final quick break. The final step is to hold all that vapor in for 8 seconds all while never exhalling for a total of 21 seconds.

The "goal" is to reach a point where you feel a distinct sensation, often described as a lump or "egg" in your throat. This technique makes the process more intense and challenging, with the discomfort, or "gall," felt in the throat being a key aspect sought after by those looking for a more extreme experience.

Recently, the egg blinker has gained significant traction on social media platforms like TikTok, where users share their attempts at an egg blinker in the form of videos and challenges. This trend, often dubbed the "egg blinker challenge," showcases individuals pushing their limits and competing to see who can endure the longest and most intense hits. Participants proudly display their reactions, with many emphasizing the discomfort and intense sensations that follow. The challenge has created a community of thrill-seekers who bond over their shared experiences and encourage others to try it. Though it’s currently trending, the egg blinker exemplifies how users constantly push their limits to explore new depths of cannabis consumption, spurred on by the viral nature of social media.

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