A "bong rip" refers to taking a hit of cannabis using a bong. A bong is a water pipe that cools and filters the smoke, making for a smoother and often more intense experience.

Here's how it works: You pack ground cannabis into the bowl piece of the bong. When you light it and inhale through the mouthpiece, smoke travels through water before reaching your lungs. The water cools down the smoke, which can make it less harsh on your throat.

Taking a bong rip involves inhaling deeply to fill your lungs with smoke in one go. Because bongs can hold a lot of smoke at once, beginners might find this method quite potent. Start slow if you're new to it.

Many people enjoy bong rips because they provide quick and strong effects. Since you're inhaling a large amount of cooled smoke, THC absorption is rapid and efficient.

For the best experience, keep your bong clean. Residue buildup can affect both flavor and potency. Change the water often and clean the pieces with alcohol or specialized cleaners.

In summary, a bong rip is an efficient way to consume cannabis with immediate and robust results. It’s popular for its smooth hits and strong effects.

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