Spotlight Series: The Stoned Housewife Maggie May

If you spend any time on Instagram looking at feeds to do with cannabis you will eventually find yourself on the page belonging to Maggie May AKA The Stoned Housewife.
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If you spend any time on Instagram looking at feeds to do with cannabis you will eventually find yourself on the page belonging to Maggie May AKA The Stoned Housewife. Maggie bills herself as a Metaphysics + Cannabis Oracle, a Frequency Healer, Shadow Alchemist, and a Metaphysical Practitioner. Her website is a treasure trove of products, blogging, and information related to energy, astrology, and of course cannabis. She offers events, tarot readings, a podcast, and a little online store full of beautiful things that would make a perfect gift for a friend or yourself.  

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“I am a cosmic incarnation and a channel of divine light. I am here to help you understand you are the same!”


Tell the Readers a Little Bit About Your Website, What You Do There and What “Where Metaphysics Meets Cannabis” Mean.

Where Metaphysics meets Cannabis is a way for me to bring the ancestral healing modalities of the Eastern world, that are rooted deeply in the energetic foundations of life, with a widely western view of acknowledgment of Cannabis medicine. My work as a Metaphysical healer for the past decade has led me down a road I wouldn’t have believed when I was being raised in the conservative south. The Stoned Housewife has become a platform for me to creatively express the experience I have received through Reiki and working with Crystal Spirits, among many other things. I like to say I am getting stoned on two levels. I create content for people who want to get into the Metaphysical realm and already have a base of Cannabis knowledge. There are so many websites out producing education on Cannabis but very little education on the energetic realm. 

I’m Very Intrigued by Some of the Services You Offer, Including Tarot Readings, How Long Have You Been Reading Cards and How Did You Get Into It?

Thank you so much, I have been practicing reading cards for almost a decade. I began ritually using them for guidance after 3 years of solely studying the deep symbolism that the cards contain. I have been actively reading almost every day for the past 6 years. I resonate highly with the fortune-teller aspect of culture. The cards bring a calming reassurance when times get a little vibrationally out of whack. I studied for years before I ever got my own deck to work with the Tarot, as a sign your first deck is supposed to be gifted to you. My Reiki healer gave me my first deck and it was a standard Raider-Waite deck. I now have just shy of 30 decks I have collected over the years, each with a different method of healing. 

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You’re Also Creating Content in the Form of Podcasts! I Am Such a Podcast Nerd So I Was Very Happy to Find the Lifted Life, Tell Us a Little Bit About Your Podcast.

Lifted Life came to me as a way for me to get my thoughts out in a more fluid way than writing a 40-page blog post. I love bringing in the simple but powerful techniques in the metaphysical healing space, I also enjoy talking a lot. I have had numerous people tell me they could listen to me speak for hours. I wanted to bring something into the space that I didn’t see before and that was a spiritual podcast dedicated to all the energies including the stuff people think is “out there”. Plus I am not someone who lives completely outside of the real world, I love Bob’s Burgers and Game of Thrones as much as the next person. During the season I would look ahead and try to find spoilers though, though I am a sucker for finding out what happens before I watch a show. I tried to make it as real as I am. Not just solely spiritual-based because we live in a 3-dimensional plane, so we can’t ignore the other factors. They are all here for a reason.

Each episode has a foundation of 3 parts: Metaphysics, Cannabis, and 3D Life. I am always talking about the frequency of our surroundings in everyday life and the planets pull on us anyway so I was like, “Hey, I listen to myself talk about this, I am going to start a podcast.” It started to grow and pour out of me in a way that flows perfectly. I plan to have other Metaphysical women and men on in future episodes. 


Cannabis has heightened my energetic work exponentially. I began consuming Cannabis and would give myself Reiki treatments, I noticed how much more aware of the energy I became.  Whenever I begin to give a client Reiki, I have them fill out a questionnaire as to how, when, or even if they consume. This gives me what I like to call their “cannaaura”.  If they do not, I know I can bring CBD products for them to use during the session as well as after. If they do consume I have them take part in a “passing of the pipe” type of ceremony. We both consume and I guide our messages with the intention to be delivered down Blue Road. The White Buffalo Calf Woman brought the smoking pipe to the Lakota natives and told them this was a way to communicate their messages to their ancestors. Whenever I smoke Cannabis, it is always intention-based and I want my clients to feel as if they can call in their ancestors at any time. Cannabis helps loosen some of the conditioned patterns of how we experience energy, thus helping people be more open to receiving higher frequencies. 

What Are Your Plans Going Forward With the Stoned Housewife? What Do You Envision for Your Business?

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I want to empower people to live a life that revolves around them keeping themselves on a frequency of love.  Our lives don’t have to revolve around worrying about what others are doing, telling others how they need to be, or feeling helpless when something “out of our control” happens. We have all the control, it is just wrangling in the toddler energy level of our brains. Working with Reiki for the past 6 years has changed my life greatly. It is the path I chose and I have a divine inner feeling, I knew it all along. I want to empower people to take back their power, one way I have found works greatly is gathering people in a room and having them do their work. We so often give our power away in so many ways, from the very moment we wake up we are on our phones checking in on what the world has to say. I want to show people you don’t have to give any power away and no one can take it.  Moving forward I want to bring these healing techniques to people all over the world. I feel confident in my abilities and the higher frequency energies I work with daily. I know I am guided solely to what is for my highest good. I envision my business continuing to grow on a global scale as I have books, magazines, and self-help programs in the works. I love collaborating and as for the rest of 2017, I have an event in Malibu, California coming up on Friday, October 13th. I have teamed up with Cure Designs of the Emerald Exchange and two Holistic Health and Wellness coaches (@hintofgreens + @balanced_life_leslie) to bring together the goddess culture surrounding the number 13. It is a co-ed Sacred Space Sleepover on a private ranch, nestled in the hilltops. 

I Noticed You Also Strain Reviews… What Are Your Favorite Strains and Why?

Oh my! It is so hard to choose. My favorite would have to be Wonder Woman. It is an amazing producer and a mood game-changer! It is my favorite because being an empath, I absorb tons of other people’s energetic junk. WW helps clear out those energies and leaves an actual high feeling like you levitating. It smells like a combo of jet fuel and fruity pebbles. The terpene profile has pretty high amounts of Humulene and Caryophyllene. Humulene is found in Hops, Sage, and is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Black pepper and oregano have high amounts of Caryophyllene and it has been used in Alcohol craving reductions. I may be a little partial to this strain because my husband met Linda Carter, the OG Wonder Woman, and gave her some of this strain. So not only is she my favorite but the actual Wonder Woman has smoked the weed I grew! That’s freaking amazing. 


I use Cannabis ritually when I want to communicate with the energies most cannot see (going into a Reiki session or conversing with the Tarot). I consume with the intention to be an open vessel and receive the guidance I need for the healing needed at that exact moment. I think we are naturally drawn to ritual as an ancestral way of healing. It’s as if it is in our blood to perform rituals. Most people don’t think they are rituals but refer to their rituals as “schedules”. So for me, if I do something every day, I look to see if some kind of consumption would be beneficial. I religiously take CBD though, I wake up most mornings and reach for my Grapefruit CBD vaporizer with organic terpenes to supplement my coffee intake. This just sets me up with a higher energetic footprint for the day. 


The Green Lodge is like stepping into a vortex of healing. Time stops and we just go within. I had a vision to bring women together under the premise of using different modalities of healing. I gather a lot of information before each lodge and no one lodge is similar. Each lodge is based on a foundation of Earth Realm Medicine. So that entails not only Cannabis and Crystals, but an animal, Goddess, Spirit, and Moon energy. We have had a Shamanic drumming chanting session which left the goddesses in tears and have planted wildflowers under the Budding Trees Moon. One month we had our local Brazilian Samba instructor come and we danced for the waters and the Goddess Oshun. TGL is more centered on giving you the tools to walk out the door and shift your perspective with literal frequency control. Nikola Tesla style! Not to say it is not work, I make you work. I make you question the self-talk you repeat every day to yourself and others. If our eyes could see the natural energetic auras that emanate from everything, we would have more awareness of our thought forms. The Green Lodge is simply a portal, like something from Burning Man. You come in leave your Ego at the door and there is a good possibility you’ll get to see some Fire. The next Green Lodge is November 18th in Boulder, Colorado, we will be having a food, coat, and feminine supplies drive and the proceeds will be going to a local domestic violence shelter in Denver. 

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What About Cannabis Do You Love?

I love how Cannabis raises people’s vibration. It opens the heart chakra and some world-renowned psychic channelers say it is a literal “deprogrammer.”  Energetically when someone consumes Cannabis it elevates them. I love explaining to people you don’t have to get high to use Cannabis and that I could get them higher with an energy healing session most times. Getting lifted is an understatement. I love being somewhere and asking someone if they would like to share a joint or bowl with me because I can literally see the tension melt away that so many people carry. Cannabis has helped me develop my Reiki practice into a full-blown way of life. I have a confidence I knew was somewhere inside of me, and working with the Cannabis Spirit has definitely helped me feel more in myself. 

What Advice Would You Offer to a Woman Interested in Joining the Cannabis Industry?

Do your own thing but don’t be intimidated to ask for help. This isn’t a lone wolf pack as much as we have been taught by societal standards. The pack survives. So I would reach out to people who align with the work You want to do, not the work someone else wants you to do to fulfill your dream. If you have confidence in yourself, the right people and opportunities will align with your path. I have met some amazing people and I simply reached out with the intention to have a mutually beneficial relationship, whether that be business, sponsor, or simply just a friend. The Cannabis industry is the tadpole of the world right now. It is just a little baby! So nurture it and yourself and we can grow this into something that benefits humanity as a whole for the better. 

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