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Hi there! The Herb Lifestyle is a team of people who have come together because we love weed and want to help everyone feel that. We have lots of different kinds of folks on our team—from weed farmers and herb doctors to folks in the kitchen who love to make awesome recipes with ganja. It's our job at The Herb Lifestyle to help you learn all there is to know about herb. We want you to learn how to grow it and use it the best way for you. We're here to help everyone, from beginners to experts.The way we do things at The Herb Lifestyle is this: we learn all about the herb from a burst of personal experience and cool research. That way, you can trust what we say and really get into what we're talking about. We use what we know about the herb to help you get to feeling good in your brain and body. We want you to have as much balanced and cool information as you can to get into weed as a good thing!
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