How to Hot Box Like a Pro

If you're not hotboxing with Mike Tyson. There's a way to hot box the space you are in, or a space nearby. Check out all the unique places you can smoke hotboxing style!
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Hotboxing has been around for eons in the stoner community. It’s peak might have been the 90’s who knows, but let’s look at all the ways you can consume cannabis inside small-closed-environments

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Hotboxing has been around for eons in the stoner community. It’s a way to enjoy cannabis with your buddies in a closed, sauna-like environment. The more creative you get the better, from Grandpa’s garage to literally smoking a joint in a sauna, the idea is to get as high as possible in a closed space as to re-inhale passive smoke.

First things first: hotboxing is all about making a room or closed space to trap in the smoke fumes. It’s essential to invite good friends who are ready to kick back and enjoy the ride. No matter where you are there’s probably a way to hot box the space (or a space nearby). In this post we’ll share some tips you can use to make your hotbox experience memorable and fun, it’s important that you give it some thought beforehand, come prepared, and bring lots of weed!

Prep  Tip 1: If you don’t have enough weed to smoke, to fill the space your experience will be disappointing. 

Prep Tip 2: Remember to think about who you’re inviting in, the hotbox is a community event and participants should be prepared to settle in a get comfy for a bit so make sure you will enjoy the company. 

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Nightmare after reading. Frightened imagination in the dark of night in the bedroom. There is smoke in the closet.

Every stoner will tell you that the high from hotboxing is headier and more pronounced than just smoking a joint.

There is a good reason for this and it’s not just because you were sitting in a room filled with smoke – although that certainly helps. Over at John Hopkins, they did a study on second smoke and had people sit in enclosed spaces with other people smoking weed. The second-hand smokers in the unventilated space had higher levels of THC in their blood than the second-hand smokers in the ventilated space. See, hotboxing is fun, science confirms it.

The other reason you get so lit in this situation is that you are sitting in a room with too much carbon dioxide and not enough oxygen which can cause dizziness and amplify the effects of your pot. Cue the theme music to those The More You Know spots…

Hotboxing in the Car

Smoking a doink with the homies in the car.

First of all we recommend not actually leaving your home as driving while under the influence of weed is never a good idea.

Having said that, to successfully hotbox inside a car you need to ensure that all the windows are up and that you have at least a couple of joints on the go. Remember that hotboxing is a community event and the more people, the merrier plus also the stronger the effects will likely be. The thing that is often guaranteed is that when you exit the car, you will experience mad giggles.

Hotboxing in the Bathroom

Pour a hot bath and smoke a doobie, it is Wednesday after all.

This is a personal favorite of mine. I love a good bathroom hotbox and in my youth was considered to be highly skilled at bathroom hotbox setups.

What made my bathroom hotbox the bomb was the inclusion of steam. After placing rolled-up towels against the door crack I would crank up the water to HOT and let it free flow like a steamy waterfall. It created a sauna-like atmosphere and was a real crowd-pleaser. Added points to whoever stood on the (closed) toilet lid to keep their head high in the “clouds”.

Hotbox a Tent


For the Bear Grylls of you out there, this might be pretty common: getting high inside a tent. But first, a warning: Tents are typically made of highly flammable materials so proceed with caution. Ensure that you have an ashtray handy for roaches and watch that you don’t drop embers or get all crazy and wave your lit joint around in this small enclosed fire hazard of a space. Also if you happen to be in bear country, make sure you stay alert enough so that if you need to run up a tree, you can!

Having said that… Hotboxing a tent is a true back-to-nature experience that every outdoorswoman needs to put on her bucket list ASAP. Imagine filling your tent with your friends, everyone cozy and comfy on a pile of sleeping bags while you pass around the Js and tell ghost stories. When you emerge from your smoky cocoon you’ll be amongst the trees, animals and will be awed by Mother Nature. Trust me, it’s awesome – don’t forget to bring the ingredients for s’mores. 

Hotbox #4 the Sauna

Smoking in a sauna

This works best if you or a friend has a sauna – do not attempt this at the gym or your local community center. That probably should go without saying.

Remember to bring water to help you stay hydrated so you don’t get too woozy and lightheaded. Nothing like a fainting spell to harsh your buzz. When sauna-ing I like to mix things up and alternate between dying of heat in the sauna and shocking my body with cold water outside of the sauna. When hotboxing though, you need to limit the number of times you open the door and let the smoke out so come prepared to tough it out as long as possible but don’t be that one die-hard who won’t let anyone out. Be cool, getting sick sucks and hotboxing isn’t exactly the healthiest of activities so mindfulness and paying attention to how you’re feeling is key to a good time.

Hotbox #5 Snow Fort

Consider building a makeshift snow fort, to consume your stash.

If you live somewhere that gets cold, snowy winters you are in for a treat! This is a group activity and not just because you’ll need all hands on deck to build the best snow fort north of the equator but because – and I cannot stress this enough – hotboxing is best in a group. 

So first, you’ll want to build your fort. You don’t have to carve bricks out of ice – just create a snuggly little dome with enough room to crawl into with a friend or two.  Pro tip: Bring blankets to sit on because you’ll want to stay in your makeshift igloo as long as possible to inhale all that lovely smoke. This might be the only way I will ever enjoy snow.  

Where is your fave place to hotbox marijuana?



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About Author
Author PhotoThe Herb Lifestyle

Hi there! The Herb Lifestyle is a team of people who have come together because we love weed and want to help everyone feel that. We have lots of different... Read More

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