Spotlight Series: Rachel Colic, Eves of Eden

Rachel Colic is a force to be reckoned with. She is the founder of Eves of Eden, a company that resonated with us at the The Herb Lifestyle
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Rachel Colic is a force to be reckoned with. She is the founder of Eves of Eden, a company that resonated with us at the The Herb Lifestyle because of their dedication to supporting and uplifting women in the cannabis space and because they created the CROWNS, which are beautiful paper filter tips for those of us who like to consume old school joints. At a time when it feels like most new products in the cannabis space are moving away from the timeless simplicity of rolling a joint, we were happy to add CROWNS to the ritual of preparing and smoking weed. 

With HUGE plans for the future of EoE and a new product launch under her belt – PLUS a day job running her own fun and creative marketing agency YCreative, Rachel might be the busiest woman in weed and she’s definitely someone you should know. 

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In Three Words… Who Is Rachel Colic?

Passionate. Loyal. Kind

What Is Eves of Eden?

Eves of Eden is a collective of modern, progressive women who are passionate about the power of cannabis. Through education, events, and luxury lifestyle products we are on a mission to redefine what it means to be a woman who uses cannabis. So everything we do is focused on liberating the love and luxury of cannabis for all women, whether you choose to partake recreationally or medically.

What Inspired You to Create the Crowns?

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The crowns came to life through a personal desire for a more beautiful smoking experience. I’ve always preferred smoking a joint over any other consumption method. While there are lots of pretty, blinged-out vape pens, lighters, and even bags now available on the market, there hadn’t been much attention paid to the classic joint. There are lots of different types of papers you can buy to roll your joint. They even have a ton of flavors that come in cute patterns. But, I actually love the taste of my cannabis and don’t want any added flavors to change the profile – so those weren’t really an option for me. The crutch, or filter was the only other constant in a standard joint roll and until now they only come in plain white, or kraft paper in a few standard sizes. I knew I could make something that was more fun and more beautiful that women would want to use. The cannabis plant we enjoy is a female after all, so we honor the goddess in her by giving our joints the perfect accessory; a CROWN! It’s been exciting to see how many other women – and men – love the idea too.   

What Is Your Vision for Eves of Eden? Where Do You See the Company in 1, 2, and 5 Years Ideally?

Our long-term mission is to educate and empower women in Canada about how cannabis can enhance their experience of life. This fall we will be launching our in-home party series that will allow women to invite their friends over for a private party where they can try and buy all of the latest cannabis products from the comfort of their own home. We’re also working on additional events and some fun new products as well. 


I started my own branding firm about 14 years ago after quitting my corporate marketing job. I grew up in a home where both of my parents were entrepreneurs and I’ve always had a passion for marketing and for the empowerment of women. I knew I wanted to create a job for myself that I would love to do and feel good about the work. That’s exactly what I’ve been blessed to do at YCreative. There I lead all of our client projects and provide the strategy and art direction for the incredible brands we have the pleasure to work with.

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What Is Your Favourite Part of Your Job?

I have a soft spot for entrepreneurs; people who turn their personal passions or ideas into a business. My favorite part of the branding work I do is getting into the trenches with these amazing visionaries to uncover what makes them truly unique. We call this their “why”, and it’s what provides the heart and soul for the brand. Getting to know what makes them tick and what can’t be duplicated is the secret sauce to our success and what gets me most excited to work on a new project! So much so, it’s where I got the inspiration for the name of our firm.

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In a New Industry Such as This One, There Are Often Lots of Opportunities for Collaboration, What’s Your Take on That?

I truly believe that nothing great in life, or business, is accomplished alone. So for me, partnerships and collaboration are absolutely essential for success. I have been incredibly blessed to continually meet amazing people in this industry. Everyone is kind and generous and just so freakin happy! I think we are all just amazed that we get the privilege to make this our life’s work. I’ve been developing partnerships and collaborations with both Eves of Eden and Creative and across the board, I have found it to be a fantastic experience that only makes us all better at our craft.

Have You Always Been a Fan of Cannabis? Why?

I’ve been using cannabis as medicine for over 15 years, however, I didn’t start until my mid-twenties. I wasn’t a recreational drug user in my youth, not because of any moral issues, but because of my intense need to be in control of myself. So the typical party drugs never really appealed to me. When I was 21 I was in a near-fatal car accident even after two years of intense physical therapy, I was left with severe chronic pain in my back and neck. Pharmaceuticals have never been easy for me to take, my body is very sensitive and almost every over-the-counter medication comes with unruly side effects for me. Which made dealing with the pain even more challenging. My boyfriend at the time (who later became my husband) was a regular cannabis user. During an especially bad fit of pain, he suggested that I try cannabis. At a loss for any other solution, I tried it. I haven’t gone back since. Now cannabis is a part of my life every single day. It’s not overstating things to say that cannabis is the only reason I am alive and well today. I am forever grateful for the healing it’s brought to my life. 

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What’s Your Preferred Method of Consumption and Why?

Definitely smoking a joint. Although I know now that it’s not always the most effective delivery method, there’s something about the process of opening the jar, selecting a beautiful bud, grinding it with care, and rolling it into a joint that just can’t be replaced for me. I do use a vaporizer as well and I’ve begun experimenting with topicals, tinctures, and oils, but the classic joint remains my touchstone.

Any Tips for People Who Are Interested in Experimenting With Cannabis Once It’s Legal?

I say do it! And do it more than once. We know now that cannabis doesn’t kill your brain cells, give you lung cancer, or stunt your memory. In fact, the research proves that it does just the opposite in all of those cases. So, to anyone who is curious, I encourage you to try it for yourself. The experience of cannabis can be vastly different from person to person so it’s important to find out for yourself whether or not cannabis is right for you. As an industry we’ve changed the “just say no” slogan to “start low, go slow”, which simply means; choose small doses, to begin with and give them plenty of time to kick in before you take a second hit. There isn’t a one solution fits all, so try various delivery methods and get to know the cannabinoid and terpene profiles in your cannabis product. Most importantly, do your own research. There is a lot of misinformation online about cannabis, but there is also a ton of valuable research and anecdotal stories that can help guide you.     

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Finish This Sentence: The Best Way to Spend a Sunday Is…

With my love, at the beach, with plenty of cannabis to share.

What Advice Would You Have for a Woman Interested in Working in Cannabis?

I would say start by doing your homework. Figure out how you can use your current skill set or background to benefit the industry. Then get out there and make connections! There are lots of great events in Toronto, WomenGrow runs monthly meetings for cannabis entrepreneurs and LeafTO is a monthly meet-up for anyone interested in the industry. The industry is so new that almost every company is hiring in some capacity, so whatever your talents and gifts are we need you!

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