What's In Your Pipe Camille Chacra?

Camille Chacra took her dream of an online lifestyle and accessories store that curates understated, elegant cannabis products for minimalist fans from idea to reality in only 8 months. Her shop, Montreal based Allume was created for modern female tokers. Chacra says she's always been a recreational smoker but that devastating migraines and epilepsy led her to research cannabis as medicine and she soon realized how therapeutic her recreational hobby really was. 

Camille Chacra

Camille Chacra

We asked Camille for her favourite strain suggestions for morning, afternoon and evening. 


Not really a wake n' bake kind of girl - at least not Monday to Friday, Camille prefers a light, energizing Sativa like Sour Tangie or MedReleaf's Luminarium


"Sativa all day - whatever I have on hand!" Camille says with a laugh. 


"I like to unwind at the end of the day, slow down." She says. "Pink Kush knocks me out right before bed" Makes sense; Pink Kush is known for powerful body focused effects and a high potency - just what any entrepreneur needs to settle down and get some rest after a long day.