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Not too long ago, we published a guest post by Kelly Gibson on how to review cannabis strains. It got us thinking about our favourite strains and why we love them which, in turn, got us thinking about what other people love to smoke. So we reached out to our friend Leighanna Martindale to ask her what she's smoking.

- Editor, Her(B) Life

What are your top three favorite strains you’re smoking on this summer?

  1. Jillybean

  2. Tangieland

  3. Granddaddy Purple

Can you describe the flavor and effects of each strain?

  1. Jillybean - (Euphoric, Uplifting, Creative, Happy) MORNING SMOKE - This is one of the strains on my list because of how sweet and citrusy the taste is. With a heavy sweet candy like flavor mixed with the tang from the citrus, it’s a delicious smoke to say the least. The high of this strain is more euphoric and uplifting which is perfect for a summer day. I’ve also found that Jillybean tends to be more of a creative high; after smoking some I usually find myself wanting to create and be outside. The sweet citrus flavors also act as a mood booster and help to put me in an all around better state of mind. I’d definitely recommend this one for anytime, anyday, especially in the mornings!

  2. Tangieland - (Euphoric, Uplifting, Stoney, Cerebral)  AFTERNOON SMOKE - This is similar to the Jillybean when it comes to having a sweet candy like citrus flavor, but it also has those earthy pungent flavors from the Candyland. This strain is very much a happy go lucky, stoney, and uplifting strain. With amazing mood elevating effects from the limonene this is another great one for summer. Unlike the Jillybean however it is more cerebral and stoney. I prefer this one in the afternoon or if I’m looking to get a nice stoney and uplifting high throughout the day, while it’s not sedative, it also isn’t the best for helping you focus

  3. Granddaddy Purple - (Stoney, Relaxing, Sedative) NIGHTTIME SMOKE - Granddaddy Purple is a classic! With deep dark earthy pungent flavors and a hint of pepper this one is definitely mouth watering. With very stoney and cerebral effects this one tends to be very relaxing and to some, sedative. If you are looking for a nice body high into the night this is the strain for you. I find it  perfect for chillin’ at home with friends or the significant other; it be great for summer activities too, maybe on a nice camping trip or at bonfire with friends! If you haven’t tried the Grandaddy Purps, you’re missing out.

What’s your favorite out of the three

I’m not sure if I can pick a favorite! They are all so good and each do different things for the body and are meant to give different effects, which is why I like smoking certain strains during certain parts of the day. If I had to choose one though I would go with the Jillybean because I very obviously love writing and creating and any strain that stimulates that is a strain I love! I am also a sucker for that sweet candy orange taste, so the Jillybean has me sold.

How do you prefer to smoke these?

My method of choice to smoke these would be to dab. I love dabbing more than smoking or vaporizing flower because I am able to control the temperature and ensure I get a nice terpene profile while smoking. Taste is my favorite thing about cannabis and when dabbing a high quality, clean extract, nothing can beat that flavor, especially with a strain like Jillybean. The cannabis hash oil amplifies the effects of the strain being smoked as well which is another reason I prefer dabs too. Even if you can’t dab these though or maybe don’t want to, I would still highly recommend the flower version as well.

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