Spotlight Series: ALSNDRA

When we met ALSNDRA in Toronto last spring we knew we would have to profile her on the Her(B) Life. Her energy and passion is clear and her vibrancy fills the room. Then we checked out her music on Soundcloud and that was it, we were all in. 

Image via  Instagram

Image via Instagram

Hit play on the Soundcloud link below and read on to get to know this Canadian singer/songwriter who is inspired, in part by her love for the herb. 

How did you get involved in the cannabis industry?: 

Image via  Instagram

Image via Instagram

I am a recording artist and songwriter. Cannabis use has had a positive affect on me throughout my life and within my work practice. I tend to write and sing from very personal places within myself, so I'll often refer to my relationship with cannabis in my songs.

Tell us a little bit about your product or service: 

One of those songs is the "Blue Dream" record. That song was placed on a few official Spotify playlists- and that really was the start of me becoming somewhat of a public representative and public advocate for cannabis use, because of the name (after the strain, naturally) and partly because of the fact that I've always been so open to my peers and the fans about it.

What time does your day typically start and what does a normal day look like to you?: 

I'm up at around 7:30am. The first thing I always do is check-in with my manager, Lace, and then also my executive producer, Richie. They help to keep me on task and keep my energy to a streamlined focus before I do anything. If I need to manage or consider any important business, I spend about 2-4 hours a day making decisions with my team before I head to the studio - if I'm leaving - but I like the days where my home becomes the studio, and everyone just comes over and jams out in my living room. I always create the best when I'm in my own space with friends and colleagues around. Those days are fun. They don't even feel like work but so much is getting done. We'll get about 4-10 songs done every night. Even after so many years, my friends still want to come to work with me - I don't think many people can say that. That's blessed.

What is your vision for your voice going forward?: 

I hope I've set everything up for this - but part of my job is making sure that I act toward having longevity in my career and influence on many many people for as long as I can. I love creating and entertaining- I was built for those things- but my purpose strongly lies in leading. I believe I can help people in positive, life-changing ways through art, and setting examples, and spreading a universal higher knowledge on a public scale. My vision for the companies would be to offer opportunities for people to learn and grow in programs and places where they can feel totally safe, free from judgement, loved, nurtured, and completely and beautifully individual. I want to develop other artists- not just music focused- but any creator- and build new platforms for them to thrive.

Image via  Instagram

Image via Instagram

What would an ideal post prohibition society look like to you?: 

I would hope a lot more peaceful and enjoyed. Controlled- to a degree- however the power of a successful post-prohibited way of life lies in well-executed education. I find non-cannabis users are usually very uneducated about what it can do for them.

What was your first experience with cannabis like?: 

I didn't really experience cannabis until later on in my life. After high school. I'm glad it wasn't just something I had been peer pressured into trying. It was intimate. But that's all I remember about it.

Tell us about some of the challenges you face working in the cannabis industry: 

False judgements.

Image via  Instagram

Image via Instagram

What are some solutions you've found?: 

Spreading awareness to those people, changing perspectives.

What is one thing you wish everyone knew about cannabis?: 

I wish they took the time to consider the medicinal attributes.

What is one thing you wish everyone knew about your product or service?: 

Just that i'm a real person who would love to connect with them.

If you could go back in time and do it all over again, what (if anything) would you do differently?: 

I would have started on a professional level much sooner than I did!

What is your favorite way to consume cannabis?: 

I'm a traditional roll kinda gal.

Concentrate or flower? Why?: 

Flower because it caters to my senses more- I can touch, smell, taste, feel it.

Do you think cannabis legalization will change the world for the better? Why?: 

Absolutely - it helps us draw and find connection within each other. Unification is how we grow stronger as a society. Very few people understand and practice this truth. Cannabis helps with that.

What advice would you offer to another woman who is looking to get into the industry?: 

You can do anything you want to. You don't need anyone to achieve your full potential. Often learning the hard way is learning the right way. I will always support you.