Get Your Beauty Sleep – With Some Herbal Help

We've all heard the phrase "getting your beauty sleep" so today we've decided to dive a little deeper into what that means,
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We’ve all heard the phrase “getting your beauty sleep” so today we’ve decided to dive a little deeper into what that means, how sleep helps improve appearance, and how you can both get and benefit from deeper, higher quality sleep with some help from our favorite herb.

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Beauty Sleep Is Real You Guys

Firstly let’s begin by hammering this point home: Only getting 5 hours of sleep a night can lead to twice as many fine lines as sleeping 7 hours would. TWICE AS MANY FINE LINES.

This is because as you’re sleeping, your skin is making more collagen which is what prevents sagging and the appearance of wrinkles. So if you deny your body the ability to make collagen, you’re pretty much just asking for a rough look. Add to that the shadowed, puffy eyes that result from poor sleep and the pale, ashen appearance you get when your body is overtired and we’ve got trouble. This is from sleep deprivation causing a decrease in blood flow to the skin surrounding your face. When we get a good solid 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night, we wake to firmer skin and a healthy rosy complexion.

Recently a study titled Negative effects of restricted sleep on facial appearance and social appeal asked university students to get a full night’s sleep for 2 consecutive nights in a row, the following week they were to restrict their sleep to only 4 hours per night and the researchers photographed the participants make up free after each week. Next, the photos were shown to 122 strangers who were asked to rate the attractiveness, health, sleepiness, and trustworthiness of the study participants. Researchers also asked: “How much would you like to socialize with this person in the picture?”. Surprise, surprise the students in the sleep-deprived photos were rated poorly and were generally thought to be less healthy than the well-rested versions of themselves. Few people wanted to socialize with the sleepier study participants.

What if You Can’t Get Enough Sleep on Your Own?

Whether you’re suffering from a lack of sleep due to an exciting social life (I get it but girl, you know you need to take a night off once in a while), a heavy workload, or a medical issue like insomnia, there are ways to help you reset and start getting the sleep you deserve.

If it’s self-imposed sleep deprivation that you suffer from then perhaps you need to go back and reread the first part of this story because lack of sleep can lead others to think you look less happy and healthy and therefore not want to hang out with you. Then where would your nightlife be?

Cannabis as a Sleep Aid

If it’s a medical issue like insomnia or something verging on insomnia then we should talk about cannabis as a sleep aid. I use cannabis for sleep (and anxiety, migraines, pain and so much more) and have great success falling asleep and staying asleep all night. Cannabis has been shown to disrupt sleep cycles for some people but for many others, it’s a helpful tool in their nighttime arsenal. “Marijuana is an effective sleep aid because it restores a person’s natural sleep cycle, which so often falls out of sync with our schedules in today’s modern lifestyle,” says Dr. Matt Roman, a medical marijuana physician.

If your goal is to sleep better you’ll want to choose a strain higher in THC. THC is the cannabinoid best known for its sleep-inducing properties and has shown promise in helping people with insomnia, chronic pain, and even sleep apnea fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. THC is known to reduce the amount of REM Sleep that you get, so if you are someone who suffers from PTSD and nightmares this could be particularly beneficial to you. Whether you suffer from PTSD or not, spending less time in REM Sleep will lead to more time in deep sleep which is restorative and obviously restful.

Ways to Ingest Cannabis for Better Sleep

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Smoking and Dabbing: There is a tried and true method: smoke a joint before bed. This is a simple solution but smoking isn’t for everyone. I find that smoking a nice and heavy Indica before bed is usually enough for me but sometimes, when I just can’t turn my brain off I turn to concentrate. I’ve been dabbing a Pink Kush recently and have been asleep before my head hits the pillow most nights.

Drinking teas: Another option for consumption that works well for me is to brew up a mug of chamomile tea and add 4-5 drops of cannabis tincture to it. I don’t really feel “high” afterwards but I do feel sleepy and relaxed.

THC capsules: I’ve been seeing a lot of capsules on the market lately and have tried a couple out for various ailments. For sleep, a THC cap does wonders for me. I like the ones from Tetra Technologies.

Edibles: Lots of people swear by edibles and why wouldn’t they? Everyone likes a bedtime snack and if that snack is also helping you sleep it’s even better. The key here is not to eat a big, sugary cookie or brownie right before bed. Go with an option that has less refined sugar, whole grains, and organic weed whenever possible. I really like MoonMan’s Mistress or if you want to bake your own edibles we suggest checking out The Baking Supply Co for recipes and ingredients to help you make healthy infused snacks.

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Taking control of your sleep and sleep patterns will not only ensure you look better but will help you feel better and stay on your game every day. The best part of switching up your sleep routine? You’ll start seeing and feeling results almost immediately. Now go sleep tight!

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Author Photo Andrew Peters

Andrew has already carved a niche for himself in the cannabis community, thanks to his deep-rooted passion and substantial experience with the herb. His journey began in his late teens,... Read More

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About Author
Author Photo Andrew Peters

Andrew has already carved a niche for himself in the cannabis community, thanks to his deep-rooted passion and substantial experience with the herb. His journey began in his late teens,... Read More

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