What's In Your Pipe Tara Misu?

Tara Misu is the owner of Blazin’ Bakery in New Jersey and the creator of the first brownie mixes designed to produce easy, potent DIY edibles. While Tara herself isn't a medical cannabis patient she does work with patients to help them medicate safely and legally. Laws in New Jersey are restrictive and generally only list ailments that are terminal or completely debilitating and for nine million people, there are only six dispensaries which means that selection is sparse and patients often find themselves shopping on the black market. 

Tara Misu, Blazin' Bakery

Tara Misu, Blazin' Bakery

"Recently, I had the rare opportunity to view our MMJ system first hand." Tara tells us; "Unfortunately, the way this came about is a close friend of mine was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She's a strong, amazing woman I love and I’m grateful I could offer my knowledge of cannabis to help her fight." Tara agreed to talk to us about strain selection after her experience supporting her friend finally gave her access to real medicine, not "mystery plants out of some guy’s pocket."

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I baked and sealed a selection of high CBD / low THC edibles (yes, including brownies) to keep on hand. These help her medicate and be able to start the day clearheaded. Cancer patients have an entire day of symptoms which include waking up to aches, pains and obviously some anxiety and depression. An ideal strain is Canna-Tsu, it’s a less psychoactive solution that provides needed symptom relief. Since only flowers are approved for medical use here I got her a Levo oil machine to be able to make edibles, oils, concentrates and topicals.


We can both be prone to paranoia. Avoiding that was a major focus while also wanting to keep her motivated and happy. Additionally, we couldn’t drain what little energy she has to move around the house. My solution to all this is the miraculous Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. It’s a very easy transition for a non-user and it helps her be the bubbly girl I know, sweet as a thin mint.


For the evening she was prescribed OxyContin for pain and insomnia. I’ve had some tragic experiences with friends and opioid addictions, it’s a very legitimate fear. As an alternative, we needed a heavy Indica strain for evenings. A perfect fit is the classic Purple Urkle. To make it a little whimsical I even ordered her a purple vape to match! Cancer patients should always use a vaporizer as chemo already has potential to damage lungs and lowered blood cell counts affect their ability to carry oxygen. She's been using it to great success and having some wonderful restful nights to help her body heal.

I look forward to a time when everyone has access to quality strain selection for any ailment big or small, or dare I say… just to have a little fun!
— Tara Misu