Review: Salted Chocolate Oat Cookie from The Baking Supply Co.

I recently baked some of the salted chocolate oat cookies from the Baking Supply Co, a company that mails you pre-measured ingredients to create your own edibles and I loved them! Made with wholesome, healthy ingredients like 100% chocolate, oats, maple syrup, ghee and more. It’s a delicious munchie to snack on, one that you don’t feel guilty about. Especially when the sweet tooth needs are satisfied.

the baking supply co

Baking Made Easy

To start, this a genius idea. You choose the edible you want to make from their menu, they provide all the pre-measured baking ingredients and instructions, you just provide the weed. Simple as that. Plus, they’re gluten-free and refined sugar-free!

ingredients from the Baking supply co
Maple Syrup from The Baking Supply Co
pre measured ingredients from the baking supply co
pepitas from The Baking Supply Co

Make It Medicated

To infuse my cookies I just added a teaspoon and a half of some premade strawberry Durban  Diesel olive oil I had. This made each cookie about 2.5mg, I like to make my edibles not super potent so that I can have multiple over them throughout the day without getting uncomfortable.

This is a fairly new company and they are currently live on Indiegogo, so be sure to check them out and support this cool new business!

Check out the interview we did with founder Ali Francis and learn about her plans for The Baking Supply Co here.