From Bras to Buds; Retail Giant Sees Opportunities in Cannabis

Peter Horvath, CEO of Green Growth Brands Ltd (GGB) is the former CEO behind mega US retailers like Bath & Body Works, American Eagle, and Victoria's Secret. Now, he's taking his expertise from years of mainstream retail operations and applying it to cannabis retail stores. 


After a successful recent round of financing, GGB is now positioned to scale up and compete with established players in the both the North American and international cannabis markets. “We’re extremely pleased with the success of this round of financing,” said Horvath. “While our competitors are mainly focusing only on the U.S. market, our backers were particularly interested in our ability to operate on a global level. That, combined with our strong foundation in the significant and growing U.S. cannabis market, made this a unique opportunity that our investors didn’t want to pass up.” Initially, GGB will focus on the Nevada market with brands carving out space in the CBD beauty, personal care, and wellness products niche.

Green Growth Brands is a lifestyle-oriented, consumer products company that celebrates health, wellness and happiness. Led by widely-renowned retailer Horvath, GGB is focused on the global medicinal and recreational cannabis sector and is the parent company of the The Source and CAMP brands.