4 Things We Loved About the Linx Blaze

Not too long ago our friends at Linx Vapor sent us a Blaze to try out. The Blaze is an extract pen that boasts an industry first in-laid heating full quartz atomizer and comes with an extra large recessed ceramic plate atomizer for “superior life span, unrivaled vapor production and incredible flavor”.

Read on to see what we liked about the Blaze wax pen.



I was struck by how good looking this pen is. It has a medical grade stainless finish and a smooth, seamless design that is subtle but impressive, it looks and feels like they paid attention to detail here and didn’t skimp on design. I’m comfortable, proud even, taking this out in public. In fact, my bag was flagged and searched at the airport in Toronto and the security agent noticed and complimented it too. What a world we live in!

That may not sound like a big deal but sometimes wax pens are big and bulky or designed primarily for function (which is great) without thought given to aesthetics. Thats not the case here and when your pen is just as much of an accessory to your style, the Linx Blaze delivers.

The pen itself fits almost entirely inside the palm of my hand, measuring just 10.5cm in length and comes with a fantastic little case. The case is one of my favourite features to be honest because everything fits nice and neatly and well protected in the hard shell case. However, it’s still small enough that I was able to carry it around in a little clutch.

The flavour is incredible

The hype is true. In the name of journalism, we tested several different concentrates and found that the flavours were bright and robust when using the Blaze.

The Blaze offers a glass vapor path, an industry first in-laid heating full quartz atomizer and an extra large recessed ceramic plate atomizer for superior life span. There are 4 upgraded air intake holes located along the inner edge of the ceramic chamber to provide plenty of balanced airflow.

The Blaze comes with two different atomizers; the Ace, a quartz atomizer, and the Zero, which is a ceramic atomizer. Both are 510 threaded, so they can be used with different batteries.

  • The Ace is unique in that it is designed to be more like a bowl in which you place your concentrate, this makes it much easier to load and clean than coiled atomizers typically found in other vape pens. Quartz atomizers have a long lifespan but the trade off is that they can be slower to heat up.

  • The ceramic Zero atomizer heats up very quickly, is easy to load and clean, and has a large bowl for lots of material.

You can control the temperature by toggling between 4 heat temps.

It comes with a cap

This is an often overlooked detail that I for one, really appreciated. How often do you grab your wax pen from your pocket or the depths of your purse and have to stop to pick the lint off the mouthpiece? It’s a little off putting and can’t be very hygienic. Also, I noticed that there is no leaking or danger of spills, which is also a bonus for me. The linx Blaze cap is steel just like the rest of the device so I just clean it with isopropyl alcohol along with the mouthpiece. It’s also magnetic which is nice attention to detail.


In case you’re wondering, it also comes with:

  • (1) x LINX Blaze 900mAh Rechargeable Battery

  • (1) x LINX Blaze Zero Atomizer

  • (1) x LINX Blaze Ace Atomizer

  • (1) x Glass Mouthpiece

  • (1) x USB Charger

  • (1) x Blaze Carrying Case

  • (1) x Linx Tool

  • Auto shutoff

Yes! save that BATTERY.

The battery is a standard 900 mAh. It lasts a good long time, so you can expect quite a few sessions out of your charge. I also liked that only took around two to three hours to recharge.

What It Needed

The only thing that would have made this pen better is if they had included a screw on concentrate jar on the bottom. Or in the case, I’m flexible on this but as it is now, I had to bring a seperate little jar and it would have been cool if everything was contained in the case.


Retails here for $ 135.99 USD.

Dimensions: 19 mm (Diameter) x 105 mm (Length)

Battery: Lithium-ion battery recharges in 2 - 3 hours via USB. 900 mAH.

Heating Element: Patent-pending inlaid heating element in the Ace Atomizer delivers superior life span while the Zero atomizer heats up instantly and delivers massive flavor.