Cannabis Related Headlines Sept. 26 - 30th

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Exclusive: 5 'Shark Tank' Stars Weigh in on the Marijuana Boom

One kind of business that hasn’t been pitched on Shark Tank: a wacky tobacky business. Not yet at least. With marijuana now legal in some form in 25 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, and legal at the recreational level in four states, it’s probably only a matter of time before a ganjapreneur swims with the Sharks.

Let's Talk Logos

Your logo is critical but you know that already. How many versions of your logo have you been through so far? Likely several and you know that likely, there will be more revisions in the future.

Two denials and four adjournments, Board of Variance frustrated with process

The thirteenth Board of Variance hearing for Vancouver medical marijuana dispensaries ended in two denials and four adjournments.

Who’s Who Among Cannabis Industry Movers and Shakers

Get to know prominent people in the legal cannabis game.

Joint effort: How entrepreneurs can help the government regulate marijuana

Too often, governments examine a new area where regulation is needed and quickly expand the mandate to include every moving part. This automatically means proper enforcement is near impossible. Choosing a few critical regulatory priorities, such as preventing sales to minors, ensuring proper product safety information and rules, and prohibitions at work or while driving, seems to be a great place to start.


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