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Vape Pens: The Highs and Lows of Vaporizing Weed

Since being named Oxford Dictionary’s “Word of the Year” in 2014, “vape” has become synonymous with not only e-juice but marijuana concentrates as well. Vaporizers are no longer being used solely by those hooked on nicotine and trying to quit smoking analog cigarettes, they are becoming a popular way to consume marijuana and even flavored e-juices with no drug content.

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Want to Work in The Cannabis Industry? These Courses Will Help You

The cannabis industry in North America is BOOMing, New Frontier Data speculates that there could be as many as 1.1 million new jobs by 2025 in the United States alone. In Canada, the first major industrialized country to legalize cannabis at the federal level, job seekers, entrepreneurs and corporate types are all being drawn to the new green rush and the opportunities being presented. If this sparks your interest you may be wondering how you too can get in on the ground floor of a nascent industry. 

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5 Ways to Include Cannabis in Your Wedding Celebrations

Today weed-themed weddings are big business in legal states and there is no sign of interest waning any time soon. There are event coordinators who specialize in cannabis weddings, there are transportation services that cater to people who want to light up en route and there are even cannabis wedding expos you can attend to meet progressive vendors. 

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