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Welcome to the Legal and Regulatory Insights on The Herb Lifestyle, your go-to resource for understanding the legal landscape of cannabis. This section is designed to keep you informed about the latest in cannabis laws, ensuring you navigate the evolving regulations with ease, whether you're a consumer, patient, or business operator. Discover essential information on state and federal guidelines, compliance tips for businesses, patient rights, and the push towards legalization and reform. Whether you're seeking clarity on legal consumption, starting a cannabis business, or interested in advocacy, we provide the knowledge you need to stay informed and compliant.Embrace the herb lifestyle with confidence, armed with the latest legal insights.

5 Benefits of Cannabis Legalization

Author Photo Andrew Peters
Dec 12, 2018

Thirty-two states have legalized cannabis for medical use and ten have legalized recreational cannabis use. Canada has had a medical cannabis program since 2001 and recently legalized adult use across the country.…

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Cannabis in Cars; Is Driving With Weed Legal?

Author Photo Andrew Peters
Nov 13, 2018

Disclaimer: This post provides general information only. It is not meant to be used as legal advice for specific legal problems. If you need legal help, contact a legal aid office or a lawyer,…

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There’s an Oral Fluid Test to Detect Cannabis

Author Photo Andrew Peters
Oct 29, 2018

With recreational cannabis now legal in Canada, Alco Prevention Canada, a Health Canada licensed distributor for medical devices and supplier of breath alcohol and drug testing products, has launched Cannabis Verdict, a…

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