How to Keep Your Stash Subtle

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There are so many reasons to consider upgrading your stash storage solutions beyond that box on the shelf or that cupboard in your kitchen.

Image Via  StashLogix

Image Via StashLogix

Safe Storage With Kids at Home

If you have kids in your home it's important to treat cannabis the same way you would treat alcohol and other medications, keep it out of reach, explain why your kids shouldn't go near it, and lock it up if necessary. Being a responsible cannabis user means thinking ahead to potential dangers and little kids getting into your cannabis isn't an ideal situation for anyone. Keeping it in a safe, locked container is a great way to store your weed. 

The Silverton from  StashLogix

The Silverton from StashLogix

In our house, our kids recognize Mom's medicine chest and even though it locks and they can't get in, they wouldn't try anyway. This is because we've had many, many conversations about Mom's medicine and how other people's medicine isn't for sharing. Having a special storage unit actually helped facilitate this conversation, I showed it to them and explained what it was and why it was locked. 

The Nose Knows

Here's a reason you may want to consider an odour proof container: good weed smells really good - and really obvious. Those nugs are stinky in the best way, but it's not exactly vanilla scented candles. If you want to keep your consumption on the DL you'll want to hide that odour.  A good stash bag or box will be lined with something to block odours and at the very least include rubber seals along the zipper. 

Don't Share If You Don't Want To

The Silverton from  StashLogix

The Silverton from StashLogix

Sometimes you just don't want to share. I get it, it's cool and I'm not here to judge. Roommates, friends, parents and neighbours all might want to borrow a bud from time to time and maybe you feel the need to add a layer of security with a locking mechanism. It's a good idea and one our friends at StashLogix have considered and incorporated into their designs.  

A Little More on The Silverton from StashLogix

Here's why we love this container; It's compact but designed for organization with an adjustable and removable interior divider system. It includes a simple combination lock (and there are reset instructions on the website should you forget your combo), it's odour proof and the interior is easily cleaned. It also ships with an OdorPax (activated bamboo carbon to reduce odour) and information about an app you can use as a log book.