• Montana
  • Medical use: Legal
  • Recreational: Yes

In Montana, weed is recreational, but it can sometimes be a bit difficult to find. Local governments were able to choose whether or not they wanted to adopt recreational cannabis, so cannabis businesses aren't allowed to operate in counties where the majority of voters rejected the measure. That said, weed is still legal, and you can still use it; you might just have to drive over a county or two to pick up weed. The good news is that you can buy and possess an ounce of cannabis, up to 8 grams of concentrate, or edibles containing up to 800 mg of THC— meaning you won't have to re-up as often. For medical marijuana, patients are allowed to possess 1 ounce of usable marijuana, cultivate up to 4 mature plants, and have up to 12 seedlings at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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