Spotlight Series: Sharon Letts

Sharon Letts has been writing about cannabis since 2012 and has interviewed celebrities like Melissa Etheridge, Tommy Chong, Rick Simpson and Willie Nelson. She also writes profiles on patients who use medical cannabis, shedding light on how this plant has saved and transformed so many lives. For three years Letts travelled throughout the United States and around the world for DOPE Magazine, covering cannabis as a medicine. Her work can be found in publications around the world including Weed World UK, The Emerald Magazine, Hydrolife, Seattle Weekly and PROHBTD to name just a few. 

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Spotlight Series: Ashley Kingsley, Ellementa

Meet Ashley Kingsley, one of the co-founders of Ellementa a women's network focused on health, wellness and cannabis. I first met Ashley at the Women Grow Leadership summit in Denver a couple of years back and I was struck by her energy and apparent love for her work. Since then, Ashley has teamed up with Aliza Sherman and Melissa Pierce to create a different kind of women's group.

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Spotlight Series: Tea Bitossi Galastri, Thea Leaf

Not only is Tea coming up with beautiful, timeless designs that any herb-loving fashionista would be happy to adorn herself with but she's done it while still in university at the tender age of nineteen! Where were you at nineteen? I can tell you that I certainly wasn't building my empire yet so kudos to Tea for being so focused and clear on what she is creating. Read on to get a glimpse into her inspiration and goals for the future of her company. 

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Spotlight Series: Aliza Sherman, Ellementa

This week we sat down to chat with Aliza Sherman, 1/3 of the founding team behind Ellementa a women's resource and education group that over the past couple of years has grown to include over 25 cities. The group has a unique approach to cannabis education in that they produce small, intimate gatherings or "circles" that allow for the kind of safe spaces necessary to explore some thing as powerful as cannabis and the therapeutic qualities it offers. 

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Spotlight Series: Chynna Krystle Jenkins

Chynna Krystle Jenkins AKA Made in Chynna 420 is a painter, screen printer and goods maker from Los Angelas. She creates colourful illustrations that embody a sense of fun and joy with a healthy dose of whimsy. 

Leighana Martindale sits down to chat with her about her inspirations, goals and of course weed. 

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Spotlight Series: Elle at Lifted Karma

We got a chance to talk with Elle the founder of Lifted Karma, a babe from Ohio who transplanted to Seattle. She has found her spot in the cannabis industry and now designs and sells an incredibly beautiful line of cannabis inspired jewellery as well as other amazing accessories like ash/catch all trays and the new flipstick that looks like a key fob! We wanted to get to know Elle a little more and see what her business is all about. 

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Leighana Martindale
Spotlight Series: Mariah Hagenbach, Cannabis and Lifestyle Photographer

There are so many ways to make your mark in the cannabis industry and talking to people from all different backgrounds is part of the reason we love doing this series so much. This week, we get to spend some time with cannabis and lifestyle photographer Mariah Hagenbach aka @Muh_riah on Instagram. Her images are fun, full of life and joy and of course cannabis. 

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