Spotlight Series: Tori Bodin with Shop Dazey

Story by: Leighana Martindale 

Dazey is on a mission to normalize CBD in the workplace and in everyday life. Founder Tori Bodin has not only created a beautifully branded company, but one that truly cares to see the stigmas shatters. One way she does this, is through education with Dazey’s Guide to CBD. From talking basics to cannabis vs. hemp, if you have questions, Dazey wants to help you answer them. Tori also takes it one step further, not only does she provide educational information on her site, but she cares where their hemp is grown and creates only full-spectrum oils from organically grown hemp that are extracted with CO2 from a small farm in Oregon, and ALWAYS third-party tested for purity and potency. With a company as dedicated to purity and education as Dazey, I’d say the cannabis industry is looking good.

How did you get into the cannabis industry?

I was working in tech and a co-worker recommended I try CBD when I was working on a particularly stressful project. I ended up purchasing a full spectrum oil and it truly helped me overcome the anxiety I was feeling at work. However the oil I had purchased was extremely sweet and minty, which I didn't enjoy the taste of. I started looking around the PNW for a CBD oil that had no added flavors or sweeteners and ended up finding a farm just a few hours from our home in Seattle. After using my first bottle and getting to know the farm, I knew I wanted to bring the oil to market and create a brand that was more playful and approachable than the ones I had encountered as a "newbie."

Tell us a little bit about your company and products.

Dazey is a Seattle-based natural beauty & remedy brand that believes in the power of hemp. Our full-spectrum oils are organically grown and CO2 extracted on a small farm in Oregon and third-party tested for purity and potency. With three available potencies (350, 700 & 1000mg), we’re here to help you tackle everything from the dishes to the DMV and hope we can bring Dazey into your life, your rituals, and your overall being.

What time does your day typically start and what's a normal day for you?

I'm up by 7am and always start my day with a coffee & dose of Dazey for myself, my partner Chris, and the dog. A normal day consists of running down a never-ending to-do list, fulfilling orders, and brainstorming new ways to engage with our customers. I'm lucky enough to work alongside Chris, who manages our supply chain and wholesale business, and our designers are also our best friends. Our team meetings are always full of laughter and creative collaboration.

What is your vision for your company moving forward?

We want Dazey to become a lifestyle brand that's recognized for transparency, collaboration and education. We believe customers are lifelong friends so it's so important for us to earn their trust and have fun together.

What would the ideal post prohibition society look like to you?

Post-prohibition means access for everyone. People should have access to research, case studies, consultations, and cannabis (in whatever form works best for their body and needs). I'd love to see the next generation grow up without today's stigma and for CBD to be recognized as a natural alternative to some OTC medications and prescription drugs.

What was your first experience with cannabis like?

The first time I tried marijuana, I had pretty negative experience and ended up avoiding it for almost 6 years. It wasn't until a friend educated me on the different strains that I realized cannabis wasn't a one-size fits all and just because I had one bad experience didn't mean there weren't other ways in which I could benefit from cannabis. Looking back, I think that experience is more common than you think.

Tell us about some of the challenges your face working in this industry?

We faced the typical challenges in this industry, like banking and payment processing, but I also think general reach and self-service advertising is one of our greatest hurdles. CBD brands cannot advertise on Instagram or other social media so something as simple as a promoted post is not allowed. We still engage with Instagram users the old fashioned way (through likes and comments) but we'd love to have access to social targeting tools so we can get our content in front of more people.

What are some solutions you've found?

Outside of social media we've found that we need to be more creative in our advertising. We lean into events where we can meet new people in new areas and collaborations where we can let our customers make the introductions for us.

What is one thing you wish everyone knew about cannabis/hemp?

We use an analogy in our "Guide to CBD" that seems to resonate well with new users: think of a bell pepper and a jalapeño pepper. Both are peppers, but one is sweet and one is spicy. This is a good way to think about CBD and THC -- both are cannabinoids of the same family, but they have drastically different effects.

What is one thing you with everyone knew about your company or product/service?

Dazey is a "hemp to hand" company. Our hemp is grown, harvested, extracted and bottled on-site. It only leaves the farm for third-party testing before it hits our shelves.

If you could go back in time and do it all over again, what (if anything) would you do differently?

Honestly, I wish we had started earlier. We're so inspired by all the uses for hemp (everything from CBD to t-shirts) and we would've loved to have started educating ourselves and others sooner.

What is your favorite way to consume cannabis?

If you didn't know, it rains in Seattle (a lot). It's easy to get cabin fever if you stay in the house for too long, so one of our favorite winter activities is to take a small edible and visit our favorite local museums and galleries.

Flower or Concentrates? Why?

I'd say concentrates only because I love the portability.

Do you think cannabis legalization will change the world for the better? Why?

Absolutely. I think legalization is going to open doors to new research on health, create new jobs, and facilitate new conversations about medicine and natural health. We've been holding back discovery and progress for too long.

What advice would you offer to another woman looking to get into the cannabis industry?

I'd say "join us!" We need more women to reduce the stigma on cannabis use and advocate for all the ways in which it helps us heal and feel.