Spotlight Series: Kendra Veihdeffer from Painted Cannabis

Kendra Veihdeffer throws creative art parties, similar to those popular wine and painting classes but instead of alcohol her guests typically toke up with cannabis. We spoke to Kendra about how she got started and what she's planning next. 

How Did Painted Cannabis Come About?

painted cannabis

Painted Cannabis or PC as I like to say came about in my head a very long time ago. I grew up on the East Coast in the middle of the woods and I was always into art. I also started smoking cannabis around the age of 20 while in college (shhh don't tell). 

I would always medicate before creating art, as I feel it helps you create. I talked the idea over with some friends, but it never really went anywhere. Then fast forward down the road, I moved to CA, started working within the fashion industry with marketing, and really missed creating art. So I decided to get out of the typical 9-5 and start painting. I started a journey and I call it that because it has been tough. Hard work does pay off as they say, and after fine tuning details and running a few private events Painted Cannabis has been taking off. We officially started in Dec 2016, doing private parties. But we just recently started getting sponsorships, really working on our marketing and we have our next big event happening March 26!

Image by  Crystal Long

Image by Crystal Long

What Happens At A Typical Painted Cannabis Class?

Painted Cannabis actually offers a variety of different Art Classes. We have an acrylic canvas painting class, watercolour painting class, pressed plants class, and a home decor DIY class. So it really all depends! But basically, we are very similar to a wine and paint night class. You would purchase a ticket for our class, and get ready for a night of laughter and good vibes. We encourage you to invite your friends, mama's, and even grandmothers!  We supply everything you need to create your work of art, our venue has snacks, food, and more available for purchase, and at the end of class, each client receives a free gift bag. We also have some giveaway gifts per class! We spend the majority of our night working on our project with a break in between. Our clients can medicate before, and during class.

Image by  Crystal Long

Image by Crystal Long

Have You Been In The Cannabis Industry For Long?

About 2 years. When I first moved to LA, I was focused on fashion. I worked a large portion of my time at a wonderful boutique in Los Feliz called Una Mae's (now closed) as their Fashion Coordinator/E-Commerce manager. Then after that I worked with another Art company called ArtnWordz!

I am super creative with an eye for detail, so I love working the back end of the industry (for the most part.) After working 11-7 or 9-5 like I said I had a break down and said I need to get back to creating, and that is really when PC started.

In What Way Do Art And Cannabis Go Together?

Image by  Crystal Long

Image by Crystal Long

They go hand in hand for myself personally. I have anxiety, so a lot of times creating art I get into my own head. I feel that cannabis really helps just melt that negativity away. So many people get discouraged with art and think that they are not good at it. But I believe everyone can be an artist in their own way. I think that creating a safe space for people to come in and not feel judged while they create, and medicate along the way if they would like is exactly what we all need.

Have You Run Into Any Challenges with Painted Cannabis?

With everything in life comes challenges, so yes. But I have a really positive team around myself at all times. We are a no drama company and believe the more creating in the world, the better! We have a very creative team and feel positive for what the future holds for PC.

Which Artists Are You most Inspired By?


Rene Magritte, Jen Stark and Wassily Kandinsky would probably be my top 3!

What Advice Would You Give A Woman Looking to Get Into The Cannabis Industry?

Be sweet, and be ready to work hard. First of all, you need to be a positive person with passion a to go far in anything in life. But you have to be ready to get your hands dirty with hard work first. Connections are EVERYTHING.

How can people book a private painting party with you?

Image by  Crystal Long

Image by Crystal Long

Anyone interested in a private event or party with Painted Cannabis can email us at They can ask any questions they would like, and provide us with details about the type of event they are looking to do, and we go from there!

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The next Painted Cannabis event is scheduled for March 26 

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