Spotlight Series: Anna Korte, SoothSayer

You know that piece of jewellery that you wear all the time, with everything? It looks so cool with jeans and t-shirt but it also goes perfectly with a dress? Oh ya, my latest obsession is with my Soothayer Tamper Necklace. Its a sold brass cylinder pendant that looks cute and is also useful as a tamper for packing my joints. I love a workhorse product.  

It's such a simple, elegant design and I'm constantly being complimented on it so I knew I had to talk to the designer behind it. Anna Korte is based in Portland and also runs AK Studio where all pieces are handmade and include themes of themes of symbolism and mysticism which is also evident in her Soothsayer designs.

When did you launch Soothsayer?

In the Spring of 2016.

14k gold plate square tamper necklace   14k gold plate bullet tamper necklace 14k gold plate cylinder tamper necklace

I read that the original tamper necklace design was something you created for a friend. What made you decide to create a collection around it?

Well, shortly after I created one for my friend, my boyfriend, Jeremy of OMFGCO, became a true believer;) and wears his square tamper necklace everyday! He was the one who encouraged me to get them out into the world. He is co-owner of the Quill vape pen and has some other wonderful products in the world in the cannabis industry. His agency also did all the branding and interiors for Serra so, he was already involved in the inspiring expansion of this industry.

solid brass bullet tamper necklace

solid brass bullet tamper necklace

 I love the imagery that you’ve created for the Soothsayer look books. Tell me about what inspires you.

Thank you! Mystical and Sacred Earth places are very powerful and so compelling to me. Not only visually and aesthetically, but spiritually, as well. These two sides of the brand are big inspirations for me personally.

It seems like you’re very well traveled. Where are some of the most exciting and/or inspirational places you’ve visited and what made them so?

Well, these images are what dreams are made of! I’ve traveled to many magical places in Mexico and sacred Native American locations in the states (being from the Southwest, both were already part of the culture there). I’ve also been to many countries in Europe… But it’s the places I haven’t been which excite and inspire me and the Soothsayer aesthetic- places in the Mediterranean and parts of what was Ancient Persia like Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, and Greece!

It's lovely that we are seeing more and more items designed for the cannabis lifestyle without being overtly counter culture in style. Was this intentional when you designed the tamper necklaces?

Oh, yes. It was quite natural and exciting for me to envision a line and brand in this earthy and exotic aesthetic. Being much different than the style of the cannabis industry had seen in the past. But also such a natural progression. It was clearly time for a new kind of spirit and design in this industry on many levels!

What is your vision for the company going forward?

Image via  AK Studio

Image via AK Studio

One step at a time ;) I’m quite busy with my first business, AK Studio, so Soothsayer is a cherished project of mine operating in its own synchronistic flow as space allows ;) It is growing quite naturally and it’s lovely.

What are some of the challenges that took you by surprise with Soothsayer? What should cannabis entrepreneurs who are starting out prepare for?

There are always challenges in everything in life because that is the creative process! I choose to embrace them and encourage others to do so, as well. Look for the positive in every situation and the process will pass much quicker, with less pain and wayyy more gain. In my opinion, this is key to expanding yourself or anything in life.

There are always challenges in everything in life because that is the creative process!
— Anna Korte

I’d love to hear more about the story and the meaning behind the name Soothsayer, can you tell us about that?

Yes, thank you for asking! Soothsayer really fit the spirit of the brand as it originated from a Greek word meaning ‘one who speaks truth’. I am very interested in truth as a theme- especially regarding self-knowledge and self-guidance. Which is why our url is to bring our truth-seeking back to where it belongs, not outside of us, but inside <3 Know yourself and know your own truth. Take the time to commune with the inner-self. These are the mantras of Soothsayer <3

soothsayer logo

Do you have any advice for young women looking to participate in the cannabis industry?

Indeed, I do! Appreciate and honor your unique perspective. Follow your passion always! Follow the highest directives of your heart and you will do well. And be sure to allow an open mind to the possibilities and opportunities of how your dreams might unfold! It is my experience that once you align with yourself in these ways, the rest unfolds easily and naturally (but, again, not without challenges- otherwise, there would be no growth. So enjoy the journey <3)

Who inspires you most and why?

Anyone who allows their true self to thrive, shine and be fully self-expressed. People who follow their passion and live by their heart indeed live the most naturally magical lives - this is truly inspiring and encouraging to me. They are living examples of what I believe we came here to do in the first place, but have gotten so off track from. However, we see this is changing. Large groups of people are transforming and expanding their perceptions of themselves and their world. Thus we are changing the world by allowing our natural self to lead rather than a distorted alternative which we’ve been brought up to believe in and live by. For me, this is truly an initiation and a strong call to so many of us now.

Which person (living or dead - this is imaginary) would you love to see wearing a tamper necklace?

Willy Nelson!

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