Spotlight Series: Christa Schadt, Bliss

Christa Schadt is the founder and Master grower at Bliss, a BC based company specializing in an all-natural lubricant designed to enhance and heighten female sexual pleasure. Made from organic cannabis-infused coconut oil and cocoa butter, Bliss was created for the benefit and well-being of all women.
Whether you want to rekindle your passion, or just heighten and intensify your sensations, the therapeutic and aphrodisiac properties of Bliss will soon send you to that place.

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Her(B) Life
Spotlight Series: Jodi McDonald, Keystone Labs

This week we're chatting with Jodi McDonald from Keystone Labs. Keystone is a privately owned independent contract testing laboratory in Edmonton and they specialize in medical marijuana product testing (amoung other things). By offering a diverse selection of GMP-compliant analytical and biological testing services, Keystone Labs is able to adapt to meet your testing needs. Learn more about the medical marijuana testing services they offer here. 

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Spotlight Series: Wattney Kay

Wattney Kay is an Ontario-based line of hemp bracelets with a community-driven purpose. The Founder and creative director, Wattney Kay has made giving back to her community a priority and is currently working with the CannaMommy Organization to raise money for advocacy and education around natural plant medicine.

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Spotlight Series: Stephanie Thompson, BathWoRxLA

This week we spoke with Stephanie Thompson, a licensed Aesthetician and Herbalist with a degree in Nutrition Therapy and an educational background in biology and physiology. Thompson has also worked in many facets of the marijuana industry from cultivation to finishing and recently wrote an essay for the Her(B) Life outlining 4 lessons she's learned from years of being a woman working in weed. Recently Thompson launched  BathwoRx LA, a small batch, organic body product line that is infused with cannabis.

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Spotlight Series: Liz Rudner Co-Founder of MoonMan's Mistress

Imagine if you could get an edible cookie that was actually good for you beyond the addition of medical cannabis? Something that was hand crafted with high-quality ingredients and was paleo, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and low-glycemic - but still tasty. Enter MoonMan's Mistress, the California based company that is re-defining infused snacking. T

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Spotlight Series: Emma Chasen, Portland's Best Budtender

Emma Chasen is a Brown University graduate who studied Medicinal Plant Research and is currently the General Manager of Farma, one of the most popular dispensaries in Portland, OR and the co-founder of Prismatic Paradigm, which is an organization that seeks to dismantle our caputalistic, patriarchal society through herbal education, empowerment, community and healing workshops. She was recently voted Portland's Best Budtender and her Instagram feed is full of beautiful, colorful images and cannabis. 

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Spotlight Series: Cassandra Maffey, Master Grower at Verde Naturals and CEO of Force of Nature

Master cannabis grower Cassandra Maffey’s career sprouted from humble roots: growing six little clones in an apartment closet.

Today, she manages Verde Naturals’ 25,000 square-foot cannabis warehouse, holds title as CEO of a large-scale cultivation consultation company, and is reputed as one of the finest organic growers in the business.

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