Spotlight Series: A Holistic Nutritionist and Cannabis Consultant

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This week we're hearing from Karolina Kluska, Registered Holistic Nutritionist at Aura Health Studio & Dispensary in Vancouver, where she offers clients her support while working holistic nutrition into their daily routine - including the use of cannabis. 

Balance Wholistic Wellness, Karolina's holistic nutrition consultation business has been thriving since 2013 and she'd been in the cannabis space for many years before combining cannabis therapy with holistic nutrition at Aura Health Studio & Dispensary in 2016. The goal she shares with Aura is to work towards deepening client relationships and offering a well-rounded approach to holistic and plant medicine. Other services available at Aura include reflexology and massage as well as information and education so that customers can make the best-informed decision for their own cannabis needs. 

Kluska says that the most rewarding aspect of her job is listening to success stories and being present for those just at the beginning of their healing journeys. When she works with clients at Aura, they begin with a ninety-minute consultation to delve into existing patterns, health goals and needs. Step two is a personally tailored one, three or six month Transformation Program. 

I’m excited to be able to connect people with a potent healing ally.
Cannabis has so much potential to help with many of the health concerns in my scope of practice as a nutritionist.
— Karolina Kluska

For many who work with cannabis, familial relationships can sometimes feel strained, as family members struggle to overcome long-held beliefs or stigmas associated with cannabis but Kluska says that coming out of the weed closet was extremely liberating for her. "Working in the cannabis space has created an opportunity to expose my somewhat conservative parents to the healing potential of cannabis and how they can integrate it into their healing path." 

Education is important to her and she says that the opportunity to have a unique day, filled with learning puts a spring in her step. A typical day for Kluska involves waking up by 7 am to head to school to study Traditional Chinese Medicine. "Since my schedule changes every semester, I am grateful that my appointment windows have remained flexible on weekdays," she says "And I am always available to take appointments on Sundays at Aura."

After classes she responds to emails, engages with social media and plans her activities. Evenings are for study, research, or creating food and lifestyle plans for new clients. "I like to wind down by 8 pm with my yin yoga practice, dinner with my partner, reading or watching media, not always in that order." She says. 

As the Her(B) Life is a blog that encourages entrepreneurism we always like to ask our interview subjects what advice they would give to their younger selves, just starting out. Kluska's answer is one of our favourites yet: 

Don’t be afraid of success. Follow your intuition and do what makes you scared everyday.
— Karolina Kluska

If you'd like to book an appointment with Karolina Kluska you can do so by contacting Aura here. You can also learn more about Kluska and her services over on her Facebook page. You can learn more about Aura on their Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

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