Spotlight Series: Inda Creations

When Caroline Mauro was searching for closure after the passing of a close friend she found it while hiking in Vermont. She also found a new passion. 

Mauro says that she was looking for a sign or a message from her friend. That she was growing impatient even but that in the North East of Vermont she found what she was looking for in the form of a small charm that incredibly, matched a tattoo design that her friend had. Taking strength from the small charm Mauro began to heal and soon found that she wanted to help other’s find solace and healing. 

INDA Creations 

With a background in fashion and art direction, making the transition to jewellery designer wasn’t difficult. Mauro has successfully married her love of fashion to her desire to create “physical representations of love, beauty, protection, self-reliance and strength”. Her designs boast beautiful crystals and stones with a modern, chic aesthetic that any cool girl would happily be seen wearing. However, each piece is highly personal with the healing properties in each charm and crystal being unique to the wearer.  Mauro is an avid traveller and spends much of her time sourcing the stones and crystals for her designs. 

Inda Creations Pendants

Inda Creations Pendants

Inda Creations Bolos

Inda Creations Bolos

In August of 2016

Inda Creations introduced a new limited edition necklace featuring an elegant brass pipe that is a perfect piece for the wandering Her(B) Life lady. The pipe is a working pipe that comes apart at both ends to allow the wearer to pack the pipe with herbs at one end - we recommend expanding your repertoire and trying out an organic herb and flower blend, more on those later - and draw in through the other end.

I really like that the pipe is created with raw brass which will, in time age and develop a vintage style patina. It’s beautiful, useful and a fun conversation starter. Even better is that it’s subtle, not immediately clear to a casual observer. It reminds me of a much more beautiful, feminine version of Randall "Pink" Floyd’s belt buckle in Dazed and Confused.

Smokable Floral Blends

Inda Creations crafts the pipe necklaces in Vermont, Mauro’s “happy place” and where she spends as much time as she can. It’s there, on a small organic farm that the smokable flower blends and smudge sticks are grown and dried.


The smudge sticks, often used in rituals and to clear emotional or spiritual build up are made with organic Sage, Calendula and Bachelors Button and are wrapped in organic hemp cord. 

Smudging (burning herbs and plant resins for medicinal and spiritual use) is used for healing and has been known to clear the build up of emotional or spiritual negativity and used to protect new homes and sacred spaces.

The smokable blends are available in 3 different combinations: Wild Crafted (Clover, Mint Leaf + Raspberry Leaf), Uplift (Hops, Peppermint + Raspberry Leaf) and Relax (Chamomile, Mint Leaf + Raspberry leaf). Each is grown organically and can also be used to make teas (Raspberry leaf is well known as a uterine tonic and is a wonderful addition to most women’s diets) or as an aromatherapy bath soak which sounds divine.


Where to Purchase 

You can purchase Mauro’s pendants, bolos, the signature pipe necklace and the flower blends on the company website here

You can also connect with Inda Creations on Instagram here, Twitter here and Facebook here. Over on Mass Musings you'll find a collaboration between Mauro and Kayte that will help inspire your creativity. 


For a chance to win a half ounce package of the loose leaf Wild Crafted blend check out the Her(B) Life Instagram post and tag a friend who should know about Inda Creations.