Recently we put out a call to our community of cannabis entrepreneurs, industry workers and enthusiasts asking women to share with us their experiences working in the cannabis field. Our goal here is to create a series (the Spotlight Series) that highlights the achievements of women in this space and helps to support and promote their brand, service, product or dream. 

Today we are very pleased to present our second ever Her(B) Life Spotlight. Let's shine a light on Vancouver's Apothecary Labs!

Apothecary Labs was established by and is owned by three partners and is based in Vancouver, BC. The focus is on edible and topical cannabis-infused products for health and wellness.

Apothecary Labs creates a very long list of products ranging from cold coffees and teas to infused coconut oil for cooking - the website points out that coconut oil is also excellent for cuts, rashes & abrasions - to something called a Tartinade Au Cannabis in either peanut butter or hazelnut maple which I now believe I need to taste in order to consider my life complete. 

They have also created a line of all-natural topical pain creams, mists, and roll-ons for skin irritations, migraines, sore muscles, arthritic pain and stomach issues. 

The website has a section called "Education" where they discuss in clear, easy to understand terms the endocannabinoid system, CBD cannabinoids, effects of using cannabis and the concept of micro-dosing which makes perfect sense with the products that they create.

The trick is to develop a procedure for a dose, measured in some way clear to you, that works consistently to get you to the appropriate level of consciousness: that place where you can feel something different in your body and mind, but you’re not feeling high or impaired or stoned or in any way out of control
— Microdosing 101, Apothecary Labs

With something like an infused honey or the spreads I mentioned earlier, someone who wanted the therapeutic effects of cannabis without the euphoria could ensure a consistent ingestion of cannabinoids without knocking themselves out for the day. It's a fascinating read and you can find out more here


In addition to the Apothecary brand, the team has recently launched Apawthecary Pets for your four legged friends. Cannabis for pets has been gaining popularity in recent years. I used to give my 15-year-old puppy homemade canna-gummies to ease his stiff hips and I firmly believe that in the end the gummies really helped improve his quality of life. Making the gummies myself was a pain in the butt, especially when it came to figuring out how strong the gummies were and I really wish that Apawthecary Pets had been around back then. 


The Apothecary team had first participated in research & development for 1.5 years and have now been to market for 1.5 years. It's safe to say they know their brand, they know their customer and they know exactly what's in every bottle they sell. 


Staffed by women, the team at Apothecary Labs has a clear idea of who they are creating products for. They bill themselves as a "medibles" company and the branding and art work associated with their products is beautiful, fun, classic and eye-catching. While I'm sure the brand appeals to men I can attest that as a woman, I really liked everything I saw. In fact, if you are a fan of design you should go check out the gallery on their website right away. 


In our interview questionnaire, we really wanted to find out what makes a cannabis entrepreneur leap out of bed in the morning and what fears or issues kept them up at night so we asked and Apothecary Labs answered:


What is the thing that gets you out of bed in the morning?

Knowing that our medicine is truly making a difference in people, and pets, lives. The number of thank you notes we receive is heart warming and make us love our work even more.

What is the thing that keeps you up at night?

[The fact] that people have to fight for the right to have access to such an amazing plant!!!


You can see a list of retailers that carry Apothecary Labs Here.

Find Apothecary Labs online at their home on the web:, on InstagramFacebook and Twitter