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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for a creative agency in the cannabis industry? According to Harlee Case, Creative Director of Ladies of Paradise, it’s the best job in the world.

Image courtesy of Instagram

Image courtesy of Instagram

This episode of Sessions is hosted by Jade Daniels and Harlee Case, founders of the popular Portland based cannabis creative agency and brand, Ladies of Paradise. Join them as they discuss how they went from being a jewellery design company, to being a jewel in the emerging creative cannabis community.

LoP is every creatives dream. Using their brick and mortar location in Portland as a base, they operate in a space that encourages creativity and ideas to take shape, and also offer their platform and location to other creatives to promote messages they themselves believe in.

The all women team pride themselves on being a women positive creative agency, which is founded on the pillars of empowerment and body positivity - an element that shows in every facet of their work.

LoP attribute their success to banding together with like-minded women, with varied skill sets. They’ve gone from hosting events to offering creative services for brands, and are now working on their own LoP line of cannabis products and wares. Their collections are tailor made for women, from hand embossed gold cannabis leafs on pale pink pipes to their pre roll line, Lady Jay’s, and their soon to be released vape cartridge, Day Trip, their eclectic style transfers seamlessly onto their creations.

The LoP team has managed to merge the elements of design and cannabis professionally, while also staying true to the heart and soul of the plant, encompassing it’s core values of sisterhood, compassion, openness, connection and creative exploration.

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