We Should All Enjoy the Same Freedoms and Liberties as Each Other

Image credits: Sarah Hanlon & BCCSU

Image credits: Sarah Hanlon & BCCSU

Do you know what methods inform cannabis policy? Or who is making these decisions? How the factors which guide the regulation around distribution, price, access and education? These are just some of the questions highlighted in this weeks episode with Dr Jenna Valleriani, drug policy reform expert, cannabis advocate and recently appointed CEO of NICHE Canada, and Sarah Hanlon, popular media personality, cannabis advocate and winner of Big Brother Canada.

Join them as they discuss the evolving distribution framework for legal cannabis in Ontario, alongside the impact of poor accessibility for medical patients, lack of education for consumers, and the contentious issue of what constitutes ‘public health’ when it comes to regulating legal cannabis.

Cannabis is a lifeline for hundreds of thousands of medical patients and already we’ve seen the system undercutting patient supplies and increasing costs, pushing consumers towards the black market. Policy makers are yet to establish a viable alternative to diffuse this ongoing issue.

Thus far, the attempts to integrate cannabis into a legal framework have fallen short of expectations. The failing of policy makers to accurately consider the impact of a functional system for consumers will inevitably be the greatest hurdle in a legalised landscape. That is of course, until we give people better access and education, at reasonable prices.

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