Some Meetings Would Be Better If I Were a Little Bit Stoned

If you’re into cannabis you’ve likely heard of BC Bud. Revered the world over, from the US to Australia, British Columbia is known as the birthplace of some of the worlds highest quality cannabis.

Image courtesy of Instagram

Image courtesy of Instagram

So how do BC based producers live up to this gold standard?

Join us for the season one finale of Sessions by Her(B) Life, a special episode which pays homage to the place where cannabis came to thrive.

We welcome Dan Sutton, CEO of Tantalus Labs, a British Columbia based licensed producer of sun-grown, small batch, long flowered, slow dried cannabis - sounds delicious eh! A BC native, Dan brings into his work the essence of the West Coast, with a deep respect for the nature around us, and a desire to make use of the natural resources in all facets of the growing process.

The Tantalus Labs facility is purpose built to aid in their sun grown cultivation methods, which combines the use of state-of-the-art technology and the latest in scientific advancements alongside traditional growing practices to produce high quality cultivars. Their use of technology to harness environmental resources is ushering in an era of sustainable cannabis for a sustainable future, and is one that will hopefully be replicated by many to come.  

Dan is joined by S. Siobhan McCarthy, Founder of blyssful ALCHEMY, a Vancouver based event space, which is home to a great number of infused workshops, from DIY cannabis topicals and edibles, to guided yoga and meditations, the mandate of Blyssful Alchemy is to provide a safe and comfortable space for people to engage with both the plant and the community around it.

Utilising Siobhan's extensive experience in cannabis formulation, the workshops are designed with sustainability in mind, including locally sourced ingredients and often incorporating multiple uses of the plant through the cooking process - think left over, decarbed, cannabis infused chai!

The cannabis industry, as we know it today, was built on a collective passion for a plant that has the potential to enrich both the physical and metaphysical facets of life. It’s an industry that has been nurtured by the plant’s devotees, who are often gifted with valuable insights by this incredible plant teacher.

This session delves into this mosaic of cannabis science, plant devotion and intelligent curiosity with two of the cannabis plants most ardent supporters.

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This week’s episode was made with support from RNMKR, Canada's leading cannabis communications agency known for providing narrative creation, media relations, brand strategy, and advisory services to the most prominent brands in North America and overseas.

If you want to know more about this Sessions hosts you can find them via the below links.

Dan Sutton via his instagram @dsutton1986 and Tantalus Labs @tantaluslabs

Siobhan McCarthy via her instagram @blysspix and Blyssful Alchemy at @blyssfulalchemy

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