Sessions Podcast Is Back For Season Two!

Welcome to Sessions by the Her(B) Life. We are back for season 2 with a new lineup of people who have made cannabis their business.

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This season our Sessions facilitator, Tiyana Matliovski, will introduce you to the some of the plant’s greatest advocates. Between activists, industry professionals, influencers and creatives, we’ll be showcasing some of the industry's best and brightest in a new episode every Thursday.

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The Her(b) Life Sessions podcast is committed to broadening the cannabis conversation by highlighting the women working in the industry. Each episode we have a new set of  hosts discussing contemporary cannabis issues, giving you a direct line into the evolving cannabis landscape. Don’t miss out on the next Sessions episode and subscribe now.


This session is brought to you with the help of Sundial Cannabis, the natural alternative for modern wellness.

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Sessions, by Her(B) Life is a production of Blue Dream Media.

Produced by Tiyana Matliovski and Executive Producer, Gill Polard.