There is No Such Thing as Your Own Lane

Image courtesy of Ellementa

Image courtesy of Ellementa

This Session features two wise women, Ashley Kingsley and Aliza Sherman, founders of Ellementa, the first global cannabis wellness network for women. They talk cannabis shop, the tech boom and how their shared experience of miscarriage planted the seed for a relationship that would eventually blossom into a shared goal of connecting women through cannabis.

What we, as humans, need to be healthy and happy changes throughout the many stages of life. Addressing diversity among women happens to be what makes Ellementa successful at building a community of women over 30, using cannabis for their health and wellness.

Both pioneers of the early tech industry, Ashley and Aliza discuss the similarities between the tech boom and the cannabis renaissance, and how they used their experience in one developing industry and applied to the other.

The use of cannabis is still a stigma deeply entrenched in our culture so much so that many women continue to consume in private. While tides are changing, it takes more than a few insta-influencers to reverse the damage caused by prohibition. It takes a community, a shoulder to lean on, a group of like-minded individuals who stand together united as cannabis consumers.

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