The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is Dosage

Do you want to know how a former pole vaulter uses cannabis for strength training? Or how cannabis can help with post workout recovery? Tune in to this weeks Sessions episode featuring Bethany Rae of Flower & Freedom and Lane Britnell, Victoria based cannabis strength and fitness coach, as they discuss workouts, dosing, and the myriad of ways cannabis can supplement your fitness routine.

Images via Instagram

Images via Instagram

The tides are changing and if you’re curious about cannabis for health and wellbeing you’re not alone! While many people have heard that weed can help with energy, mental stamina, mood, appetite, pain, inflammation and more, it’s still a topic clouded by misinformation.

How much do you use? Which strains? What types of products? These are some of the questions answered in this session. When used correctly, cannabis can indeed be a tool that helps aid in motivation, recovery for injury and in some cases, overcome the hurdles that would otherwise render you incapable of training.

Yet, it should be said that because cannabis is such a complex plant that affects us all differently, striking a balance can take some experimentation. Start off with hearing from two people who have made it their mission to educate about the nuance of cannabis and fitness.

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