Sessions Ep 01 Every Product We Make Is An Opportunity for Someone to Feel Relief

Veteran of female led cannabis business Maya Elisabeth of Om Edibles and the popular Whoopi & Maya product line talks with Ming Berube Sam, business development manager at Aurora about the nuance of cannabis for women.

Images via Instagram

Images via Instagram

In this session you will hear about what drives these two women to continue their efforts in spreading the message about how cannabis can aid in relief of a myriad of health issues.

There is an increasing number of women being introduced to cannabis through medicinal or other health related enquiries. After experiencing a series of Traumatic Brain Injuries, Ming spent three years searching for relief and this led her to discover the medical benefits of Cannabis. This has transformed Ming’s life and informed her career. Through both her career and her own experience Ming has developed a deep respect for the cannabis plant and its vast healing and wellness capacities.

Maya, a pillar in the cannabis industry, has been formulating award winning edibles with her female led company Om Edibles for more than a decade. More recently she embarked on a menstrual relief line in collaboration with Whoopi Goldberg, that focuses on providing relief to women as opposed to just getting high.

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