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Welcome to Sessions by the Her(B) Life. We are back for season 2 with a new lineup of people who have made cannabis their business. Between advocates, industry professionals, influencers and creatives, we’ll be showcasing some of the industry's best and brightest in a new episode every Thursday.

Laura Doell & Candice Johnson

Laura Doell & Candice Johnson

This episode we welcome Laura Doell and Candice Johnson from Sundial Cannabis who discuss everything from Integrated Crop Management (ICM), to the challenges and triumphs of women working in the legal cannabis landscape.

For those of you who don’t know, ICM is high-level Integrated Pest Management system for crop protection which uses biological, environmental, mechanical and/or chemical treatments to ensure healthy plants are protected from potential harmful plant viruses, plant disease, and pest insects.  

It’s an incredibly interesting subject that sheds a light on how large cannabis grows protect the plants from some of the typical ailments that befall all plant grows. 

While cannabis is certainly a new and thriving industry, it is still an agricultural one. And we have of course been honing our agricultural skills for quite some time with foods we eat.

Laura, having worked in large-scale commercial vegetable greenhouses for decades as well as other cannabis LP’s, joined Sundial as the Director of Integrated Crop Management (ICM) and built their ICM system from the ground up.

Candice comes from early learning and childhood development, which, in her words, transitions quite well into the cannabis industry. She works as a Lead in Integrated Crop Management at the Research and Development facility, where she uses education and instinct to work with growers to ensure happy and healthy plants from clone to harvest.


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