Episode 2 - We Have Been Really Good With the ‘Now What’

Welcome to Sessions by the Her(B) Life. We are back for season 2 with a new lineup of people who have made cannabis their business. Between advocates, industry professionals, influencers and creatives, we’ll be showcasing some of the industry's best and brightest in a new episode every Thursday.

Image Courtesy of estrohaze.com

Image Courtesy of estrohaze.com

This episode is a gem for anyone just starting off in the cannabis industry or hoping to pursue a career in the space.

Our guests have have made a career out of advising people on how to do cannabis business well. We welcome the trio behind EstroHaze, co founders Kali Wilder, Sirita Wright, and Safon Floyd, who drop some serious nugs of wisdom this episode.

EstroHaze is at its core a multimedia platform aimed at educating and inspiring the businesses and lifestyles of women of color and multicultural communities in the cannabis industry. 

EstroHaze began its journey with a huge leap of faith, one that is sure to get you motivated. They applied to a seed-stage cannabis business accelerator, Canopy Boulder, and were accepted. Within a matter of weeks the trio had quit their jobs, packed up their lives in Brooklyn, and moved to Boulder, Colorado - and haven’t looked back since. 

Now they run a company that supports multicultural women in media, connects cannabis professionals with businesses, and with just a quick search of their website, estrohaze.com, you’ll find long list of articles and videos providing really valuable tips and methods for running businesses centred on cannabis. 


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If you want to know more about this Sessions hosts you can find them via the below links.

Online Estrohaze.com, or on instagram, twitter and facebook @estrohaze.

Kali Wilder via her instagram @iamkwild

Sirita Wright via her instagram @siritasavage

Safon Floyd via her instagram @accordingtofon

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