Ep: 5 Show Your Teeth

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Hello Listener,

The power of smiling is real.

Nick Copper

You can smile yourself happy, The University of Kansas found that smiling reduced tension and helped the body manage stress reactions. This study links smiling to lower blood pressure and the University of Cardiff in Wales did a study on the effects of Botox and how the paralysis of the frown muscles can actually make people happier overall. This isn’t an episode about injections though, Today Mika wants to encourage you to smile, to hug yourself and to celebrate your successes, however small.

So go ahead and smile, acknowledge your wins.

Our strain pairing is called TGIF and comes from Xscape and boasts a THC level of 16-24%. This sativa dominant strain is not known to cause drowsiness but as usual, if are considering using cannabis as a medical treatment we advise you first consult a physician.

Xscape selections can be found at Fire & Flower stores.

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When she isn’t recording guided meditations, Mika Unterman helps producers and brands bring their cannabis derived products to market. She is passionate about advances in cannabis discoveries and legislation and always has her finger on the pulse of the industry. Having spent time coaching cannabis users as a community manager, Mika has a deep understanding of consumer needs and product choices. Armed with this knowledge, she works on product development and commercialization at MediPharm Labs Corp.

Music Credit: Lobo Loco

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Executive Producer is Gill Polard