Ep 4: No More Self Deprecation

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The Mental Health Booster is a new podcast from The Her(B) Life.

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Hello Listener,

In this episode we want to focus on self deprecation AKA shit talking yourself. It’s easy for us to focus on the negative, rather than the positive. Why is that? Why do we do that to ourselves?

The beast of self deprecation can make us feel small and anxious but what we really need is love and comfort. It’s ok to not be perfect. It’s ok to fail. We are more than a single moment in our lives. We need to learn to forgive ourselves for the past.

Today’s strain pairing is Luna (AKA Banana Split) from Aurora and can be found at most Fire & Flower locations. We choose this strain because it is a sativa dominant cross that comes in at under 15% THC. Sometimes too much THC can lead to anxiety and anxiety can lead to feeling powerless and down on yourself - which is exactly what today’s meditation is trying to avoid.

We particularly like this strain for long days when we need to be productive and level headed. Banana Split provides just the right amount of warm fuzzy with a dash of calm.

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When she isn’t recording guided meditations, Mika Unterman helps producers and brands bring their cannabis derived products to market. She is passionate in advances in cannabis discoveries and legislation and always has her finger on the pulse of the industry. Having spent time coaching cannabis users as a community manager, Mika has a deep understanding of consumer needs and product choices. Armed with this knowledge, she works on product development and commercialization at MediPharm Labs Corp.

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