Ep 3: Which Voice are You Listening To?

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The Mental Health Booster is a new podcast from The Her(B) Life

Image credit: Clarence E. Hsu

Image credit: Clarence E. Hsu

Hello Listener,

Revel in the quiet place today. Take a moment to give yourself the gift of peace and listen to your inner voice. No, not the one that points out your flaws and shortcomings but the one that tells you you’re doing the right thing, that you are loved, that you can learn from your mistakes.

Self love is more than facials and bubble baths (although those are wonderful ways to treat yourself). Self love is also giving yourself the time you need to reflect on your journey and the lessons you’ve learned.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson


Our pairing suggestion is Liiv’s Buddha Haze, a sativa-dominant descendant of the famed Nebula strain. The fruity aromas and musky herbal undertones deliver a bold, lush flavour. This strain is said to compliment cerebral thinking and focus oriented tasks, users report feeling alert and creative. This strain is not known for inducing couch lock and has been linked with a sense of energy and relief from symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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When she isn’t recording guided meditations, Mika Unterman helps producers and brands bring their cannabis derived products to market. She is passionate in advances in cannabis discoveries and legislation and always has her finger on the pulse of the industry. Having spent time coaching cannabis users as a community manager, Mika has a deep understanding of consumer needs and product choices. Armed with this knowledge, she works on product development and commercialization at MediPharm Labs Corp.

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