Ep: 2 The Divine Light In You

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The Mental Health Booster is a new podcast from The Her(B) Life.

Hello Listener,

Image credit: Aaron Burden

Image credit: Aaron Burden

In today’s meditation Mika reminds us that there is a divine light in all of us. You carry your own light and it costs nothing to share it with another. Breath deeply and take a moment for yourself today.

Our strain suggestion is a CBD dominant selection from Solei, Free is a Sativa-Hybrid that gives you a comfortable body experience. Like a day at the spa but without the hefty bill.

CBD strains are gaining recognition as potentially suitable treatments for multiple anxiety disorders including generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD and social anxiety disorder. The Journal of Psychopharmacology published a study in 2011 on CBD and its effects on social anxiety disorder where participants were given either an oral dose of 400 milligrams of CBD or a placebo. The results showed that those who took the CBD dose experienced overall reduced anxiety levels.

Before starting any treatment, you should talk to your doctor. CBD is generally considered safe, however, some people who take CBD may experience side effects, including:

  • gastrointestinal discomfort

  • sleeping difficulties

  • mood changes

  • dry mouth

  • dizziness

  • fatigue

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When she isn’t recording guided meditations, Mika Unterman helps producers and brands bring their cannabis derived products to market. She is passionate in advances in cannabis discoveries and legislation and always has her finger on the pulse of the industry. Having spent time coaching cannabis users as a community manager, Mika has a deep understanding of consumer needs and product choices. Armed with this knowledge, she works on product development and commercialization at MediPharm Labs Corp.

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