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Cannabis Lowers Obesity and Diabetes Risk

By John Levy

A recent study suggests that lighting up may help cannabis lovers maintain a healthy weight and lower their risk of diabetes. The study found that the compounds in marijuana help to control blood sugar levels. Despite having a notorious reputation as an appetite stimulant, causing what stoners call “munchies,” the new study is not the first to discover the drug’s unique effect on weight.

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How and Why You Should Juice Your Weed

Juicing cannabis leaves and buds is becoming increasingly more popular as consumers and health care professionals begin to better understand how cannabis can benefit the human endocannabinoid system. Having worked in the medical cannabis industry for the past several years I have been able to learn from medical doctors and patients alike who found relief from various symptoms using a more whole plant approach. 

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Why Understand Terpenes?

To get the most effective results from Cannabis it is important to know several things about choosing a strain.  In addition to knowing the plant species, and what the THC and CBD content is of each strain; it is also important to know what the main Terpene profile is.  Not until recently did we, as a consumer, have the luxury of choosing specific Cannabis strains through the legitimate government sources; not to mention to be able to consider the Terpenes that are present.

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