ZEUS Arc Vaporizer Review

Over the past week or two I’ve been testing out the ZEUS Arc GT vaporizer. I’ve taken it on a road trips, to the beach, had it in hand for a nail biting and devastating Game of Thrones episode and passed it around at a BBQ to get additional feedback.

Testing out vaporizers is a a part of my job that I both love and get anxious about. I love trying new products, finding new faves and sharing those with you but I also get anxious about potentially not loving the product. What if I can’t get it to work? What if I hate the way it turns on or how cumbersome it is to load? What if I break it before I can really get a feel for it? I am always rooting for the product that I’m testing.

Luckily for me in the case of the ZEUS Arc GT none of those things happened. I really liked the size (small, compact, fits in my pocket at only 22.5mm x 42mm x 87mm), I loved that it comes with a magnetic tool for poking and packing your dry herb and I liked the simple, non-fussy mouth piece. I also really appreciated all the extras that came with the unit.

zeus arc vaporizer

The ZEUS Arc GT is a dry herb vaporizer engineered in Germany. It features a a gold conduction chamber and gold vapour path, motion sensor technology that will automatically turn off the unit if no motion is detected after 30 seconds. There are three temperature settings and when fully charged, the battery offers ninety minutes of continuous use.

There’s also a three year limited warranty.

What’s In The Box?

Along with the unit itself, you get five ZEUS Grime Wipes™, five ZEUS Grime Sticks ™ and five ZEUS Purify ™ Bristle Cleaners which is awesome considering how gross vapourizers can get when you don’t have the right cleaning tools handy.

You also get a USB charging cable, a flow sink tool (it is recommended that this be changed every three months) and a spacer for those of us who prefer less herb.


Why Does Gold Matter?

According to the insert that came with the box, gold’s thermal conductivity is among the highest of the elements in the periodic system and is far superior to most metals. It allows the heat to be distributed both evenly and quickly.

Gold is also ideal because of its extreme chemical stability and corrosion resistance. As one of the least reactive metals, the ZEUS Arc manufacturers say it will allow you to “enjoy the pure taste of your herbs without alterations”.

Fancy stuff.

Zeus Arc Vaporizer

Zeus Arc Vaporizer


The magnetic tool was the thing that tripped me up and only because I couldn’t get it off the device easily and without the aid of a small coin (and I chipped my nail polish which was annoying). To be fair, when looking over the inserts as I sit here writing this I see that you’re supposed to push on one end to make the other end pop-up see-saw style - I just tried it and it works perfectly. Soooo maybe scratch this con?

Possibly the price. The ZEUS Arc retails for $229.99 USD which might feel steep to some, although in truth the price is pretty middle of the road.


Solid communication skills. The manual offers easy to follow illustrations and simple instructions that even I could follow and I have the worst habit of skimming over instructions than getting frustrated when stuff doesn’t work (see magnetic tool).

Easy on/off/temperature control with one simple button.

Magnetic tool for poking and packing.

Temperature control.

Ability to check the battery strength by simply shaking the device during use.

Would I recommend this Device?

I would. I liked it and think it would probably be ideal for newer users because it.s discrete, easy to use (again props for the well laid out instruction manual) and offers the little spacer thing. You get everything you need to take care of it in the box so you wouldn’t need to run around looking for cotton swabs and iso.