What's in Your Pipe Jade Daniels

Image via Ladies of Paradise

Name: Jade Daniels

Website: Ladies of Paradise



Wake n Bake

I always like to go for a Sativa in the morning, today I started my day with LTRM's Chernobyl strain from Rogue Valley Cannabis. Chernobyl is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, so instantly I feel motivated yet have a relaxed mindset to take on the day.

Mid-Day Blaze

I'm pretty much a sativa diva through and through, so mid-day is going to be the same. Jack Herer is one of my favorites, so that'll be my flavor this afternoon. Durban Poison is a go-to as well!

Midnight Toker

End of day is a different story, I usually eat some edible (I like Lunchbox Alchemy's Squibs) or smoke some OG to relax and get ready for dreams.

Be sure to check out Ladies of Paradise and their new blog they just launched!

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