We Tried Cannabis Infused Crèmes That Don't Smell Like Cannabis

This reviewer was provided samples by Deew Beauty in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are the reviewer’s own.

Deew Beauty, a Vancouver-based hemp and cannabis-infused beauty and wellness company, has launched two cannabis infused crèmes and we got to try them out.

The Details

The two lotions available are CHILL (designed to help you relax & unwind) and UPLIFT (to help you get energized). The 8oz jars are filled with organic hemp plant seed oil, murumuru butter, and argan oil making them suitable for vegans, and fans of all-natural skincare remedies. Each crème uses 100% organic oil from the hemp plant, is full of vitamins, minerals and is rich in nourishing essential fatty acids that absorb easily into the skin.

The Chill option contains essential oils for scent, including Lavender, Patchouli, Bergamot (I freaking LOVE Bergamot so was slightly bias toward this one).

The Uplift scent was created with Spearmint, Peppermint, and Rosemary.

Each jar retails for $38 CAD which seems to fair to me, because they are huge and will likely last months even with regular use.

“With the legalization of Marijuana in Canada and the rise in popularity of hemp-infused products, we have reached an important milestone in the skin and beauty industry, bringing the first Cannabis Sativa infused cremes to market,” says Kelly Turner, CEO of Deew Beauty and Wellness. “Our Highly Nourishing Crèmes are just the first in a rich line of products we intend to develop as regulations evolve. Eventually, we see this brand carrying a wide array of beauty and wellness products and other elevated products containing cannabis extracts that help people take care of their mind and body from a holistic, natural approach.”

So We Tried Them out and…

cannabis infused deew beauty creams

I decided to use the Uplift crème in the morning to see if it woke me up and got me moving and I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not a huge peppermint fan but this wasn't overwhelming and the lotion did absorb nicely without leaving any film behind. The scent was subtle however, the sensation when I first applied the cream was anything but! My skin was tingling - in a good way and I don’t know that it woke up any more than the coffee I was throwing back but I felt great.

That evening I tried out the Chill crème. It was very lightly scented in comparison to the morning version but it still lasted long after I had gone to bed, I could smell that bergamot as I drifted off.

My skin is normally very dry and prone to psoriasis around my elbows so I often use cannabis infused creams to combat the itchy tightness. I was curious to see if this crème made my elbows better or worse and was pleased to note that it didn’t make them worse. I’m not going to be able to replace my regular coconut oil based psoriasis treatment but these crèmes will get a lot of use all over the rest of my body.

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